Brenda Cay Releases New EP, LOVE OR DREAMS

"Love or Dreams" is an emotionally charged EP about love, loss, and moving on.

By: Apr. 01, 2022

Brenda Cay Releases New EP, LOVE OR DREAMS

Nashville singer-songwriter, Brenda Cay's new EP "Love or Dreams" will have you falling head over heels. "Love or Dreams" EP is available today on all streaming & download platforms. Click here to listen.

"Love or Dreams" is an emotionally charged EP about love, loss, and moving on. It makes me think of lines from Patty Loveless', "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye." She says, "Life's about changing. Nothing ever stays the same." Every song on the EP deals with change in its own way. It runs the gamut from being "Drunk on Country Songs" (after suffering a break-up) to having a child move away to pursue their dreams ("Wherever You Are") to the angst I feel when leaving even temporarily to pursue my own dreams in ("Love or Dreams.")." - Brenda Cay

Country singer-songwriter Brenda Cay's EP "Love or Dreams," tells the tale of love between two people that have faced many obstacles but are still preserved in the end. The EP opens up on a sad note with the song "Every Promise You Didn't Make." The lyrics to this song take you by surprise. The song is from the woman's perspective, reflecting on her love with her husband while on his deathbed, commemorating him for every promise he didn't make. Stories of relationships tend to attribute breakups to unfulfilled promises, which is why this opposing storyline is skillfully crafted.

The next track on the EP, "Alone With You," takes us further into the story, highlighting this love story's relationship problems. Cay has a way with words. The chorus lyrics "I'm alone with you running through my head" provide a nice contrast of ideas within the same line. Many of her other songs have this sort of contrast that adds something extra to her music and causes you to reflect deeply on her words.

The track "Drunk On Country Songs" breaks us out of the sorrow with its fun beat and witty lyrics. Cay's line "sipping on relationships on the rocks" is particularly clever. The bouncy feel of this song gets your body moving to the music immediately.

The title track, "Love or Dreams," talks about being torn between choosing your relationship or your dreams, a struggle many people face. This adds to the EP's already vital relatability factor.

Cay gives her EP a happy ending with the song "Talk About Nothing," which is also more positive. It's a heart-warming track describing the phenomenon of being fully content with talking about nothing with the one you love. It caps off the love story this EP tells perfectly.


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