Anna Tivel's New Album THE QUESTION Out Now On Fluff And Gravy Records

Anna Tivel's New Album THE QUESTION Out Now On Fluff And Gravy Records

Anna Tivel's new album, The Question, is out on Portland's Fluff & Gravy Records today. NPR Music premiered the album last week saying "on The Question, the Portland-based songwriter breathes life into her compositions by reveling in the sometimes dirty and often overlooked features of her setting is deemed too unimportant for Tivel's lengthy gaze." Paste Magazine say "Tivel's detail-oriented compositions reveal mini-universes complete with their own complicated characters and storylines", while No Depression noted that "The Question is imbued with dignity and ferociousness, as much a study of pain and isolation as it is a meditation on how we find the courage to draw ourselves back from the brink."

Tivel announced a May tour including a hometown release show in Portland at the OMSI Planetarium and down to California before heading through the midwest and back to the west coast for the Timber! festival in Carnation, WA this summer. Tivel's last single, Worthless, was lauded by Rolling Stone Country who said "with its tense stomp and sparse, spooky arrangement, "Worthless" sounds dangerous, as though Tivel is delivering the track from the brink of a bad decision." "Worthless" followed on the heels of her last single "Minneapolis", which premiered at Paste, and the title track "The Question" at Billboard while the first taste of the new album "Fenceline" was lauded by NPR, Rolling Stone, Folk Alley and more.

Watch Anna Tivel's Paste Session HERE

Anna Tivel's 2017 release, Small Believer, was critically acclaimed landing multiple spots on year-end lists and beloved by NPR Music specifically. Tivel's poetic songwriting, weaving stories so intricate that they envelope you fully in their worlds that are as much rooted in reality as they are works of fiction, her ability to transpose specific experiences of those she meets, sometimes who she encounters only for a brief moment, into songs that become ubiquitously relatable through Tivel's ability to dig into emotional depths is astounding.

Somewhere deep in the middle of a good story, a simple and powerful thing happens. You begin to feel seen. The characters have been slowly undressed, layer upon layer of hope and human flaw, their struggles revealed. They remind you of your family, of a briefly encountered stranger, of yourself. Anna Tivel reaches for that thread of understanding with her music, that moment of recognition, of shared experience. There are hundreds of thousands of miles on her touring odometer and each town is a tangled web of heartache and small reasons to believe. She gravitates toward the quiet stories of ordinary life.

Anna Tivel's new album, The Question, is out on Fluff and Gravy Records

Anna Tivel Tour Dates

4/20 Exeter, NH - Word Barn

4/21 Northampton, MA - Parlor Room

4/28 Eugene, OR - Tsunami Books
5/02 Portland, OR - OMSI Planetarium

5/04 Seattle, WA - Ballard Homestead (Abbey Arts presents)

5/05 May Bellingham, WA - Sylvia Center for the Arts,

5/08 Arcata, CA - The Miniplex at Richard's Goat Tavern

5/10 Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's Guitar Shop

5/11 San Francisco, CA - The Lost Church

5/12 Ashland, OR - Headwaters Building

5/15 Fort Atkinson, WI - Café Carpe

5/16 Viroqua, WI - Driftless Books & Music

5/19 Minneapolis, MN - Eagle's Club

5/21 Appleton, WI - The Tap Room at Stone Arch Brewpub

5/22 Davenport, IA - Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel

5/23 Milwaukee, WI - Anodyne Coffee Roasting - Walker's Point Roastery

5/24 Spring Green, WI - The sty Barn

5/25 Chicago, IL - Uncommon Ground on Devon

7/11 - 7/14 Carnation, WA - - Timber! 2019

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