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Society of Wine Educators Goes Mobile with New App!

The Society of Wine Educators is delighted to announce the creation of its new app,SWE Wine and Spirits Quiz, for iOS devices, which will further the message of the Society by providing entertaining and educational wine and spirits quizzes.

The app was unveiled on August 14th during the "Hipster Happy Hour" cocktail party at SWE's Annual Conference, taking place this year in Seattle, WA. Jane Nickles, SWE's Director of Education, and the developers of the app made a lively presentation after which attendees were able to download it to their iPhones and iPads. "SWE's new Wine and Spirits Quiz App was built by our partners at Jackrabbit Mobile, a Mobile App Development and Design firm based in Austin, Texas. With a talented and experienced team, they helped bring our vision to life," said Ms. Nickles.

This free download offers a series of fun, educational quizzes from 5 major categories: Red (red wines, grape varieties, wine-producing regions); Yellow (white wines, grape varieties, wine-producing regions); Spirits (distilled spirits, liqueurs, vermouth, distillation and cocktails); Sparkling (sparkling wines and roses as well as the grapes, regions; wine-making techniques) and Dessert (dessert, sweet and fortified wines).

Each category offers 100 unique questions and consists of 10 different levels of achievement, from Geek to Mastermind. After the first 6 months, one full category will be updated every month, so users will be able to continually challenge themselves. Levels 1 through 5 are sourced from the Study Guides for the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and the Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS). Players receive instant feedback on their responses: a button will lead to the correct answer as well as detailed information about the topic, including links to SWE's website and blog for further reading. Players continue through the levels by answering 7 out of 10 correctly, earning titles and badges as they progress. Users can also log in using Facebook, and can invite and challenge friends.

The app is the latest in SWE's forward-thinking approach to education, following the recent release of the ebook, online review classes, and the partnership with Pearson's exam center network. "All of these constitute modern, accessible ways to pursue education and certification in wine, spirits, and hospitality," explained Ms. Nickles.

To download the app, go to

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