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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producer Bellucci Premium Comments on Article About the Health Benefits of Olives

High-quality extra virgin olive oil producer Bellucci Premium provides a statement following an article on the health benefits of olives and olive oil.

In an article published by CanIndia on December 18th titled "7 reasons you MUST eat olives," some of the benefits carried in olives and olive oil are discussed. Cardiovascular benefits are the first discussed. The antioxidants found in black olives hinder the harmful oxidization of cholesterol by free radical cells. This oxidization damages and allows fat to build in the arteries, leading way to a possible heart attack. Black olives are also a great source of vitamin E, another antioxidant that kills off free radicals in fat. According to the article, this can help in the prevention of all types of cancer, especially colon cancer because "a diet supplemented with olive oil leads to a lower risk of colon cancer, almost as low a risk as a diet rich in fish oil." Some of the other areas positively affected by eating olives and olive oil are eye health, blood health, increased energy, digestive tract health, bone and connective tissue health, and pancreatic health.

Olives and olive oil also contain cosmetic benefits. They are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that "nourish, hydrate and protect." Vitamin E again is a major player because it protects skin against UV rays, which can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

Natalie Sexenian, the marketing manager for Tuscan olive oil producer Bellucci Premium, says, "The benefits, from health to cosmetic, that are linked to olives and olive oil are endless. To maximize your intake of vitamin E and other antioxidants, consume extra virgin olive oil. It is the purest form of olive oil and undergoes the least amount of processing, which allows of all its nutrients to stay intact."

Bellucci offers three different types of oil, including an organic option, with a mild peppery flavor and fruity undertones that will satisfy any palate. Bellucci Premium Toscano extra virgin olive oil uses olives that are grown on the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, and maintained by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. The third type of oil Bellucci produces is the finest 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, grown in many different regions of Italy.

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