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Best Rum Brands Venerated by 10 Best Rum


10 Best Rum, which was created by the spirits-rating organization, Alcohol Aficionado, recently made its selections for the Best Rum Brands, allowing those who enjoy these spirits to gain a better grasp of exactly what makes for a leading rum brand. The top three companies are Maximo Extra Anejo Rum, Motu Rum and Ron Zacapa Rum.

The panel of industry professionals that made these assessments have a knack for being able to discern the highest quality rums. Judging by five important qualities: flavor, design, feel, fragrance and finish, the group takes it duties seriously. That guarantees that a definitive statement has been made after extensive consultation. Selecting the best rum brand is never easy, with a host of contenders vigorously challenging for the top spot.

Maximo Extra Anejo Rum, a leading rum brand based out of Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba, glows with an amber color that evokes richness with each sip taken. The hints of oak that are wrapped in coconut and peach in the aroma stem from the lengthy aging process that has allowed all the character to emerge. Meanwhile, the overall warmth of this drink comes through when its spicy flavor that offers notes of vanilla and chocolate.

Motu Rum is a top rum brand because it has a smooth taste with just the right amount of sweetness mixed in to entice the palate. Motu- the Polynesian word for island-is from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and this drink is truly one of its own. That's because the care that goes into making it is evidenced by the use of the finest sugar cane, as well as the fact that royalty across the globe have lovingly sampled it.

Ron Zacapa Rum, a high-caliber rum brand out of Zacapa, Guatemala, takes great pride in the lengthy aging process that brings out every ounce of flavor. Lasting from between six to 23 years, the end result is a pure sensory delight that rejects the usual molasses in favor of virgin sugar cane honey. It's a fitting testament to its makers who have been around for nearly 140 years. While the process of sampling each and every rum under consideration is a delight, there is always the problem of narrowing the process to the select 10 that make up this list. The experts have spoken, so it's time to sit down and have some rum.

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