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Production Wraps on Short Film DELUSIONE

Tyner-Bryan’s Delusione is a divinely tender, meticulously crafted piece of art, written, directed, choreographed, and acted by Breton Tyner-Bryan.

Production Wraps on Short Film DELUSIONE

Production has wrapped on DELUSIONE, a new narrative dance short film by Breton Tyner-Bryan (Billions, Divorce) starring Breton Tyner-Bryan (Winner World London IFF, Madrid IFF, Barcelona IFF) and Emily Ulrich (Other World), seen on the festival circuit at Paris International Short Festival, New York International Women Festival, Bucharest Film Awards, Big Apple AGENTS AND MANAGERS Lab, ASVOFF14 Paris, and La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. Written, directed, and choreographed by Breton Tyner-Bryan, DELUSIONE features music by Faye Chiao (Grand Houston Opera, Opera, American, Prospect Theater) editing by Breton Tyner-Bryan, Emily Ulrich, cinematography by Michael J. Burke (The Gilded Age, And Just Like That), and costumes by Breton Tyner-Bryan (Netflix MOST LGBTQ Channel).

In Breton Tyner-Bryan's short film DELUSIONE, red is the color of extremity, seeping with visceral desire. Sporting red shoes, red hair, and a seductive red dress, Tyner-Bryan (director/actor/choreographer) in the opening scene stands out against a hall of mirrors, her red reflection looking back at her, echoed in the neon red of an exit sign duplicated across the reflective glass. Cut against the visuals of Tyner-Bryan dancing in the mirrored hall, lost or trapped, we are unsure, is another dancer, Emily Ulrich, who walks calmly down a similar hall, searching for something.

The dancers meet in another room, and sit side by side, although the reunion is unhappy. Greeting each other with blank looks and crossed arms, the pair seem annoyed to be together until a smirk from Ulrich launches them into a dance of memories. Here is where Tyner-Bryan's choreography and direction shine. Although several props are in use, their appearance is subtle and supportive to the narrative. Tyner-Bryan's finespun handography is polished and unpretentious; the back of Ulrich's wrist laying delicately under her chin, fingers tapping with impatience, a picture frame gently adjusted. Extending to coatography and even ankleography, the unexpected movements are braided amongst shots of the unique interior. Tyner-Bryan has no shortage of creative shots, but each is done with such care; additionally supported by the expertise of Michael J. Burke, Director of Photography. Set in a luscious lounge, the maroon-leather chairs, ornate wall trimmings, bulbous sconces, and brittle-spined books give off the essence of a room paused in time, perhaps with a dense dusty smell lingering in the air. The metaphor of time bounces from the music as well, composed by Faye Chiao, in the metronomically blunt piano tones and rushed sounds of strings.

Dancing for, with, and in the absence of each other, the two dancers are entwined in one another's story. Signifying a remembrance, something that once was hopeful but is perhaps now more bitter tasting, their solo exits are a yearning to move on. Tyner-Bryan's DELUSIONE is a divinely tender, meticulously crafted piece of art. said freelance journalist, Nadia Vostrikov.

"DELUSIONE is an examination of dissociation, as a means for survival and manipulation. Fueled by lust and love, one's reality is ultimately designed by one's desires, leading to a mirage of illusion. said director, choreographer, Breton Tyner-Bryan.

DELUSIONE is produced by Breton Follies in association with Michael J. Burke.

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