PRE-FAME Sketch Comedy Show Opens Tonight at The Public House Theater

PRE-FAME Sketch Comedy Show Opens Tonight at The Public House TheaterFame is fleeting, but PRE-FAME is forever. Unless you get famous.

PRE-FAME is a uniquely narrative sketch comedy show about the whirlwind of show biz, following your dreams, not immediately getting your dreams, slowly realizing your dreams won't happen after a long decade of disappointment, taking a job in Bolingbrook, Cybil Shepherd, 70-year-old lady hobos, Jumanji, and, of course, optometry.

As everyone knows, QuinoaTifah is the most successful, beloved sketch comedy group in the history of Chicago. This December, these Chicago superstars are having one final, magical farewell show before one member gets actual-famous, moves to Hollywood, pulls a Beyonce and ditches her Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for mega-stardom.

We all know the Chicago comedy stars who became famous, but what about the ones who never made it big? What happened to them? And is making it big the only thing that matters?

PRE-FAME opens tonight, Dec. 7 at 10pm at The Public House Theater (3914 N. Clark) and runs Saturdays at 10pm until Dec. 21. Tickets are $10.

Written by and starring Chicago comedy veterans Jo Feldman (Sears Tower, Second City at Sea), Mike Marunowski (Baby Wants Candy, pantsdotcom) and John Loos (GayCo Productions, Pinque Pony), PRE-FAME is a gently meta skewering of the unrelenting pursuit of stardom, the stigma of Chicago being a training-wheels city compared to New York and LA, and what happens to friendship in the face of sudden success.
PRE-FAME is directed by Sabrina Harper (Sweetie Maude, Second City Touring Company) with music direction by Mark Johnson.