Comedian Dave Coulier Talks About Characteristics He Shares with 'Uncle Joey'

Comedian Dave Coulier Talks About Characteristics He Shares with 'Uncle Joey'

It's been 19 years since the ABC sitcom "Full House"aired its last episode, but people still come up to Dave Coulier expecting to talk to "Uncle Joey."

Comedian Dave Coulier comes to Jukebox Comedy Club for five shows this weekend. Even though ABC's Full House aired its final episode 19 years ago, Coulier still gets people wanting to talk about his character, Uncle Joey. On the show, that ran from 1987 to 1995, he played a goofy man-child.

Coulier said by phone, "People have this image burned into their psyche about 'Full House,' and I'm one of those people they grew up with for years. People come up and they think they know me, and I can't really change my face. I mean, you could, but I'm not going to."

Coulier does share some similarities to Uncle Joey: they both play ice hockey, they both fly airplanes, they're both comedians with a talent for impersonations. Coulier says, "But that's where the similarities end. Joe was pretty naive, and I'm not."

Coulier's show is completely clean, so when he takes the stage at Jukebox, fans can feel free to bring their kids, their parents or their grandparents to watch. He said he initially worked clean because he wanted to someday be on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," and he never strayed from that style of comedy.

Coulier has also done extensive voice work, from "Muppet Babies" to "Scooby Doo" to "Robot Chicken." He just finished taping Geico radio campaign commercials "American Legends," and he's also planning a new stand-up special called "Glorified Birthday Clown." Speaking about the special he said, "I've always felt as though that was my job; I'm a glorified birthday clown. I don't put balloons into poodle shapes or anything, but my act is to go up and entertain the kids for an hour," he said. "I don't have a political agenda and I'm not a political satirist. I don't have an agenda other than, let's have a blast for an hour."

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