Stetson Brothers' MEAT COVE Launches Online Crime Novel Series, 9/24

Co-writers PEI resident Paul Stetson, retirEd Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant, and Governor General Award-winning Montreal-based author, Kent Stetson, are set to launch a series of crime novels online. The brothers have pooled life experiences and talents to produce a compelling new crime-fighting hero: Prince Edward Islander RCMP Sergeant Waldron, aka. Gandhi, MacKinnon.

Meat Cove is the first novel in the aka. Gandhi series to be penned by the PEI-born duo. In each book, named for an Atlantic Canadian town, Gandhi crosses borders and cultures, oceans and continents as the unconventional investigator with a dry wit and an exceptional solve rate. Though his head and heart are in constant conflict, this Canadian crime fighter’s sworn duty is to ‘Maintain the Right’ by protecting the innocent and bringing the guilty to justice.

Meat Cove, the online serial publication slated to begin September 24, 2012, explores the dark underworld of human trafficking in modern day Canada. Two teenagers are abducted from a shopping mall in Charlottetown, PEI. The young lovers’ story takes Gandhi from Meat Cove, Nova Scotia, to Prince Edward Island, on to Montreal, then across the Canada/US border to Vermont, and finally back to Meat Cove. By air, land and sea- ships and schooners, SUVs, trains, boats and planes- hunter and hunted navigate the hi-speed computerized 21st century world as Gandhi pursues the innocents and their abductors to the book’s nail-biter climax on an Isle Lamotte private estate in Vermont.<

AN OLD IDEA UPDATED: Think Charles Dickens meets the digital domain!

Most of Dickens’ great masterpieces were serialized in popular magazines. People loved the sense of anticipation, the mounting excitement as the tale unfolded, chapter by chapter, and readers’ engagement with the characters deepened with each new installment. Meat Cove and the entire aka. Gandhi series promises to do the same.

Meat Cove will be serialized weekly. A sample free chapter will be available and for only 99 cents (via PayPal), download a new chapter of the first Gandhi MacKinnon adventure every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from September 24 until December 2012.

Meat Cove will be launched in both digital and audio formats: read or hear Meat Cove on any e-device (laptop, desktop computer, iBook, iPad, Tablet, Kobo, Kindle, Smart Phone, etc.), print a PDF copy for yourself or listen in MP3 Audio Book form, all for the same price.

Visit on September 24th for the offical launch of the website. And to request a sample chapter, email