'Quench' Your Thirst: New YA Novel is Released

'Quench' Your Thirst:  New YA Novel is Released

In a ghost town in California, seven teens must work together to survive a world of vampires and werewolves in a new twist on fantasy literature.

Young author Cassie Dickson uses these characters to paint the picture of her first novel, "Quenched," which is the start of a four-part series. As a 2013 high school graduate, Dickson's motivation came largely from within.

"My motivation was myself and at this point it continues to be. I really enjoy writing for myself," Dickson said.

While battling chronic headaches for several years, she began writing as a way to entertain herself. She channels those experiences into one of the main characters who battles night terrors. Going beyond the typical vampire literature popular today, Dickson introduces new creatures into the folklore and breaks the traditional rules of vampirism.

Just beyond the world we know lays the intricate world these seven teens will discover. As the teens navigate this shadow world, they must band together illustrating lessons of teamwork, trust and tolerance to go beyond what is expected of typical fiction book.

By Cassie Dickson
ISBN: 9781483641331
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris online bookstore

About the author:
Cassie Dickson was raised in Southern California with two sisters. She is currently writing several novels, despite being a new author. Dickson is a voracious reader and also enjoys drawing and gaming.