North Korean Cyberattack Today Predicted by Best-Selling Novel CYBERSTORM

North Korean Cyberattack Today Predicted by Best-Selling Novel CYBERSTORM

'CyberStorm', leading cybersecurity expert Matthew Mather's newly released and currently best-selling novel, gives us a disturbingly realistic glimpse of where cyberwar may take us in the not too distant future. Mather argues that the preliminary stages of cyberwarfare is underway- as highlighted in today's news headlines about a suspected North Korean military cyberattack against South Korean civilian targets.

In his new whitepaper How Space and Cyberspace are Merging to Become the Primary Battlefield of the 21st Century, Mather argues that the stakes are getting higher as the cyberwar battlefield expands and merges into real space. While 'Space Power Theory' has been the guiding principle for most of the last fifty years of geopolitics, he argues that a new 'Space-CyberSpace Power Theory' needs to be developed.

Space and cyberspace have several similarities. Both are entirely technological domains that only exist due to advanced technology. They are new domains of human activity created by, and uniquely accessible through, sophisticated technology and are vigorous arenas for international competition that will determine the outcome of global power in the 21st century. It is no coincidence that aspiring powers, such as China, Iran, and North Korea, are developing sophisticated cyber programs at the same time as space programs.

The critical difference between space and cyberspace systems, however, is that space programs are extremely expensive, whereas developing cyberspace programs and weapons is comparatively extremely inexpensive. You can read the full article, 'The Emerging Space Cyberwarfare Theatre' here.

In his novel CyberStorm, Mather portrays in riveting detail the effects a full-scale cyberattack could have on a civilian population. The novel climbed quickly to the #1 spot on the Amazon techno-thriller rankings when it was released, and remains in the top-ten.

About Matthew Mather
Matthew Mather is the #1 best-selling author of the six-part Atopia Chronicles series, and his latest novel CyberStorm has been a top selling techno-thriller since its release on March 15th. Mather started his career at the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines, and has gone on to become one of the world's leading cybersecurity experts. He's worked professionally in computationAl Nanotechnology, weather prediction systems, and cybersecurity. He spends his time between his work in Montreal and his family home in Charlotte, North Carolina.