Introducing a New Book, KISS WHAT? by Former Rock Star

Respected family ministry Focus On The Family warns in their book Chart Watch, "Today, more than ever, it's important teens be biblically discerning in all areas of their life, including the music they listen too."

KISS WHAT? Does just that!

Kiss What? Exposing What God And Satan Think About Your Music And Worship is much more than just another book addressing the issue of music and today's Bible believing teenager. It challenges teenagers to look deep into their heart and answer 3 questions. Does your music please God? Who has your heart? Who has your worship?

The main goal of Kiss What? is to teach teenagers how they can become a Champion Worshiper Of God and be discerning in their music listening. Nick addresses the issue of how to resist peer pressure, take a stand for their faith, and honor God with how they live their life in a relationship with him.

A major theme of Kiss What? is exploring today's music. Nick never mentions a particular band or song lyric. He approaches the topic from a solid, scripture based approach to help the reader understand music and music listening habits from a biblical perspective.

Nick draws upon the lives of three young men of God, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel Chapter 3. Teenagers will learn some valuable life lessons from the three young men to help them grow spiritually.

In Kiss What? Nick speaks truth from his heart and draws on his 20 years in speaking to teenagers. Prior to his conversion to Christ, he attained his childhood dream of becoming a rock star with the Canadian band Toronto. As a youth communicator and evangelist, he shares his life story and helps teenagers become all God has designed them to be. Nick is a graduate of The Billy Graham North American Institute For Emerging Evangelists.

Click here for a short clip of Nick's life story as a rock star.

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