Chevron Books Releases Thought-Provoking Children's Book 'The Marshmallow Test'

Chevron Books Releases Thought-Provoking Children's Book 'The Marshmallow Test'

How do you teach someone the art of waiting? "The Marshmallow Test," by Michelle Claus, is a fun-to-read children's book about the value and reward of patience. Expressive images, paired with the main character's internal musings, invite the reader to experience the struggle of waiting, with empathy and warm humor. The book is available online through Amazon or

In the story, Dad gives one jumbo marshmallow to his daughter and tells her that if she can wait 15 minutes before eating the marshmallow he will give her "something even better." The story unfolds from the daughter's perspective as she devises creative coping methods to wait the full fifteen minutes. Will she succeed in waiting? What could be better than a marshmallow?

"The Marshmallow Test" has received high praise from parents, teachers, and children. Reviews often include words like "humorous and heartwarming," "thought-provoking," "beautifully illustrated," "whimsical tale," and "exciting and unexpected." Many of the readers have expressed a strong desire to attempt the test themselves. Consider the following review by a nationally certified Montessori teacher:

"My students absolutely loved the book, The Marshmallow Test, which so beautifully captures the creative coping strategies of a young child staring down a delectable marshmallow. While the story appears to be simple, it contains humorous and heartwarming wonderings of a young child developing self-control, while also making the reader imagine what he or she might do. Math and social-emotional skills are also embedded in the story that serve as entry points for integrated learning, making the story perfect for grand family or class discussions." -Sharon McCubbin, M.Ed., NBCT

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