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'A Book of Poems' Dedicated to Music Fans Everywhere Now Released

NedGJean Publishing has announced March 16th, 2019, the release of "A Book of Poems," (ISBN-13: 978-1090359513 ISBN-10: 1090359519) by, author, musician, and poet, NEDDY Smith.

He continues to craft not only original music and song lyrics, but also has authored a novel and most recently, his latest book of poems in paperback, Kindle eBook and the pending release of the audio recordings in April.

Neddy has committed himself to create and perform his poems accompanied by music layered in the background for worldwide distribution.

His current book entitled "A Book of Poems," is dedicated not only to his music community and fans but also to the newfound audience for his writings and especially his free-flowing poems.

To Neddy Smith, his truth is reverence especially to his fans who have given him their time for him to attain the heights and opportunity to enjoy the hard work he so happily loved to distribute and perform to a worldwide audience.

In 2018, Neddy collaborated with two groups of poets, Poem Ally's Ralph Nazareth who requested to publish one of his poems, "Ode To A Friend." Also, with Laurel Peterson, Poet Laurel of Norwalk, Connecticut, in 2018. She graciously invited Neddy to add one of his poems, "It's A Bird's Life." A studio recording of the poem followed the chapter book as one of the participated poets in the OYSTERVILLE project.

"A Book of Poems" initially was intended for release as two separate books/volumes. Neddy later decided to combine these ideas in a single published work due to his second poetry book pending release date.

For Neddy, it's a journey of a lifetime to accomplish not only his working with the creative community, such as AJ Brown, Brad Little, and performing around the world as a musician, educator, and a recording artist but also as an author and poet carving out a new path.

Recording the poems and the music for this project was a sincere and heartfelt moment. This book is a dedication to Neddy's Jazz fans from the past to present as he's journeying through the next phase of his life while sharing precious memories from his experiences to give the world and his new-found love of poetry with fans.

"My late dad repeated many times, 'define where you want to go then write on your tombstone the life you want to live then go ahead and live it.' The love for my father is never-ending. I am grateful to him for bringing me to a point where I can share creative thoughts and experiences for the world to enjoy as a new poetic voice speaking freely and sharing his journey through poetry."

"A Book of Poems" is work in three phases, paperback, eBook and audio recordings. It's a work that needs cherishing for the rest of his life. You can purchase the book from Amazon. It's available it's in paperback and, or, eBook versions distributed by and published by NedGJean.

This book pays homage to all the great authors of words, music, and poetry who came before and established a standard for those who dare to dream their life into reality.

"I can highly recommend Neddy. In Neddy you would be getting a 'Two for One' deal. Neddy is a world-class musician with the heart of a poet and a lively poet with the soul of a musician." - Bill Buschel, Producer/Host Graffiti Hellenic Public Radio/CosmosFM WNYE, 91.5 fm.

"Lester (aka Neddy) is an accomplished artist in many ways, including jazz musician composer, publisher and performer, music educator and producer, poet and writer. Included among Lester's published works are several music albums, poetry and a recent novel. These endeavors evidence Lester's wide variety of creative talent." - Mike E. Klehm, SCORE business counselor.

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