Photo Flash: Conrad Miami's THREE FACES OF MIAMI 3rd Annual Art Unveiling High Res Photos

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A world of style came together on Wednesday, January 30 at Conrad Miami Hotel for the 3rd Annual Art Unveiling Event 'Three Faces of Miami.' Featured artists included Sheila Elias, Robert M. Swedroe and Mike Rivamonte. Scroll below for photos from the event!

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Sculpture - Carter

Art - White Jewel IV

Sheila Elia, Art -Gladiator Women I

Mike Rivamonte, Sculpture – Harrison

Philippe Thevenet, Sheila Elias, Mike Rivamonte, Marcy Lefton, Stephane Mercier

Art – Gladiator Women I, Carter, White Jewel IV

Jose Perez, Luis Castro

JoAn Cummins, Robert Swedroe, Carmen McCaw, Art – White Jewel IV

Lily Gasset, Fonzi Peralta, Elsie Peralta, Clara Anderson

Lisette Gongora, Jessica Valera

Allison j. McCreary, Terry Jacobs, Lorna Owens

Todd Oretsky, Alexander Britell

Ricardo J. Gonzalez III, Joyce Lowry

Lisa Grigorian, Ljupka todorovic, Jack Inigo

Caron Cole , Brian Smith, Fazia Ali

Ron Greenspan, Donna Potolsky

Esta Friedman, Rita Carmen Swedro, Ruth Beneoliel

Jeffrey Wolszon, Ken Shaw

Lisa Cole, Ron Greenspan, C.L Conroy, Patrick Borden

GiAnna Wyatt, Greg Oates, Lane Nieset

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