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BWW Interview: ACTOR James Cichocki in Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

BWW Interview:  ACTOR James Cichocki in Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

The really cool dude James Cichocki is in a show? A One Man Show? At a Cabaret Theatre? Sounds like a winner!

Let's talk to James Cichocki.

MCL: This year you are apart of Buffalo's Curtain up. What is Curtain Up!?

JC: Curtain Up! is the traditional opening of the theatre season in Western New York, and one of the best nights of the year! The excitement in the air is palpable, and you get to see so many people you don't get to see enough of throughout the season, we're all so damn busy!

MCL: You've been involved in other Curtain Up productions in the past. Please tell us about those experiences.

JC: My first Curtain Up show was "Here's Your Hat" back in 1987, it was directed by Erika Wohl at her old space where Darcy McGee's is now. I left Buffalo in 1988 and returned in 2014, since then I have been in two Curtain Up shows "Killer Rack" and "Philosophus", both at the Alleyway Theatre.

MCL: Now it's Curtain Up 2019. Please talk about the Play you're doing this year.

JC: "Bright Colors and Bold Patterns" is a rollercoaster. We meet Gerry, a guest at a gay wedding in Palm Springs, who slowly becomes unraveled as the night goes on. I am so honored and pleased to be able to take on such a juicy role!

MCL: What are the difficulties of being the only one on stage?

JC: The difficulty being the only one on stage is you're only taking your cues from you. That can be a scary thing.

MCL: Did you have any involvement in the Writing of this show?

JC: No, I had no hand in writing this show, it came to me the way it is, and I loved it from the moment I read it.

MCL: It's a one man show. How do you approach this type of show?

JC: I have never done a one man show before, so as soon as the show I was in prior to this closed, I started working on the script and memorization right away. At my age, the lines don't stick in the head as easily as they did 30+ years ago...

MCL: Please tell us about the Playwright and Director of this show.

JC: The playwright is Drew Droege, who also starred in the original production, which was directed by Michael Urie. Coincidentally, Drew is a good friend of my former NYC roommate... small world. MY director is also one of my very best friends. Carly Weiser and I are approaching this as a full-on collaboration, and I am so blessed to have someone so smart and so talented guiding me through this process. I couldn't be in better hands. I always say: "Carly Weiser helps me keep my shit together onstage and off." Ain't it the truth... I am also proud that she is one of four women directing a Curtain Up production!!

MCL: Time to promote ... What is your year like for the remainder of 2019?

JC: What does the rest of my season look like? In addition to being onstage for Curtain Up in a one man show, I am also the costume designer for "Navigators", the Curtain Up production at the Alleyway Theatre. 'cause I wasn't nearly busy enough... I'll be back onstage at the Alleyway for my 4th year as "Dickens" in "A Christmas Carol" , and then twice more for "Factory for Murderers" and "Scotch and Madness". After that, costume designing for "Buffalo Quickies" at the Alleyway... and what ever else I can squeeze in along the way!!



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