WHY YOUR TRAIN IS F*CKED To Do A Special Show On The G Train

By: Jan. 16, 2020

WHY YOUR TRAIN IS F*CKED To Do A Special Show On The G Train

Get on board for a deep dive into the history of the MTA. Whether you love it, hate it, or want to compose more informed rage-tweets about it during your next 20 minute delay - we've got you covered. Your hosts Meg Pierson (TEDx, VERSUS) and Justin Williams (City College, SirusXM), along with a mysterious anonymous ghostwriter, will conduct our show through the twists and turns of history; revealing unbelievable stories, subway life-hacks, and truly upsetting details about our subway system.

This month: The G Train! The NYT said it best in 2016, with an article titled, "Once Mocked, the G Train Is Now Cool. Kind Of." Honestly, we think the G line kicks ass and is massively misunderstood. The trains may be short, but their hearts are large. So we're going to spend an hour and a half telling you why The Little Light Green Line That Could really can!

SPECIAL GUEST: Jose Martinez - Jose is THE CITY's transportation reporter. He previously worked on-air for six years at NY1 News, where he also hosted the weekly "In Transit." He is a veteran of the city's tabloids, covering courts at the Daily News and the New York Post.

The next Why Your Train is F*cked will occur on Thursday, February 27th at 6:30pm, with a topic and guest to be announced. For more information visit https://www.caveat.nyc/event/why-your-train-is-fucked-1-23-2020.