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Murder In La La Land show poster

Murder In La La Land at Live In Theater

Dates: (7/11/2024 - 8/4/2024 )


Live In Theater

24 Marcy Ave.
Brooklyn,NY 11221

Phone: (917) 945-8980

Tickets: $75-$125

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Step back in time for this tragicomedy set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the lively 1950s. Full of iconic figures from cinema history, this immersive murder mystery looks at the grizzly reality hidden behind La La Land’s seductive facade. Prepare to be pulled through all the highs, lows, and in-betweens of the inglorious world of showbiz!

Audience members join the cast in this interactive joy ride by playing the backstage production teams at Summit Pictures, one of La La’s major film studios. Summit is gearing up for its latest blockbuster, “Death of A Street Car,” but the boss

surprises you after you clock out today. You ain’t going home tonight! One of your own, a talented screenwriter named Sebastian Black, ready to have his name in lights, was found dead. The situation reeks of murder, and it’s a scandal that will sink the studio and put you and everyone working at Summit out of a job.

You’ll have to get ahead of the press and the police and figure out how this guy went from the top of the world to the bottom of a riverbed in one night. Can you pry the truth out of these glamorous, decadent, and debaucherous suspects and save Summit Pictures before it is too late?

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Murder In La La Land in Brooklyn Murder In La La Land
Live In Theater (7/11 - 8/4)

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