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A review of Love/Hate Actually

LOVE/HATE ACTUALLY I Act ReactTwo friends. One movie. Amy loves it. Natalie hates it. But there can only be one crowned the winner...

Last night, the Elements Collective was a battleground between two fierce females featuring PowerPoint presentations, a human sized Christmas tree cult leader costume and a number of flustered squeals over Colin Firth. Seated from at our tables, we listened as Natalie reminded us of the sexist undertones, the plethora of plot holes, fat shaming and lack of diversity. She presented a very strong argument and I must admit that it did make me doubt my love for the movie. Then came Amy, who persuaded us that despite the movie being very dated, it still holds its ground in our popular culture and in our hearts because of Colin Firth and because plot lines of movies are allowed to be unrealistic.

Although their friendship and ideals were tested, in the end both friends made up through having a chat via signs, just like Keira Knightley's perverted stalker, who happens to be her husbands best friend, does in the movie. Also apparently we all hate Keira Knightley now... I digress. The finale of the show was epic; containing a parody of Mariah Carey's chart topper and the throwing of heart shaped stress balls into buckets. I truly felt the love, as well as the performers terror of being hit.


The show also features audience interactive sketches, including commenting on whether something is porn or art and on appropriate workplace behaviour. It also featured a sketch between Boris Johnston and his secretary who had balloons as tits and a heck of a lot of biscuits, re-enacting the scene between Hugh Grant and Natalie Despite the technical mishaps, the show was hilarious and truly got me into the albeit competitive, Christmas cheer.

Will I ever be able to watch Love Actually the same way I did before seeing the show? Probably not but I'll still watch it anyway. Maybe even after I post this review...

Company | Act React

Performed and Created by |Amy Curie and Natalie Bochenski

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