Maria Caruso's METAMORPHOSIS to Return for Eight Shows in Brazil

In Sao Paulo, she will perform at Teatro Gamaro and at Teatro Arthur Azevedo, and in Belo Horizonte, at Teatro Sesiminas

By: Jan. 11, 2022

Maria Caruso's METAMORPHOSIS to Return for Eight Shows in Brazil

After her successful and critically acclaimed off-Broadway run of Metamorphosis, and her recent European tour through Italy, Portugal, Spain and England, Maria Caruso returns to Brazil for seven  performances in Sao Paulo and one in Belo Horizonte.

Her last trip to Sao Paulo in September of 2021, included two performances of Metamorphosis at the Teatro Safra, educational outreach and distribution of $457,000.00 USD in university and conservatory scholarships to deserving Brazilian dance students, and an artist residency at Cisne Negro as the first American choreographer to create work for the company's revered repertoire. Now, Maria Caruso returns to Sao Paulo, Brazil for seven performances at three differences theaters and an exclusive performance in Belo Horizonte. In Sao Paulo, some of the performances will take place at Teatro Gamaro, on January 27th, at 8 PM and at Teatro Arthur Azevedo, on February 3rd, at 9 PM. In Belo Horizonte, Metamorphosis will be played at Teatro SESIMINAS on January 29th, at 8 PM.

Caruso has been a force in the global dance ecosystem, and has a hunger to continue to support challenged economies with her gift of art and her generous educational scholarships through her solo performances and teaching. Since its premiere in 2018 at Israel's Karmiel Dance Festival, Metamorphosis has been performed all over the world and is back on tour. Her most recent run of Metamorphosis in New York City has been a vital component of the city's efforts in reopening and returning to theaters. A dance theater work, heavily influenced by Caruso's ballet and modern vocabularies, Metamorphosis immerses the audience in the emotion of the artist's true story and selfless expression on stage. Empowered and eager to bring healing through dance to the international community, Caruso has fallen in love with Brazil. A preview of Metamorphosis can be viewed here.

Metamorphosis highlights life's many transitions and the emotions that accompany them. Although based on Caruso's own experiences, the drastic emotional shifts presented in her solo performance are shared among all of us, especially as the pandemic transformed our lives-stripped us of our routines that upheld normalcy and provided us with time to reflect on our own lives. Caruso's inspiration for Metamorphosis comes from her own life experiences that fill the pages of her story. From fear, to rage, to confidence, Caruso expresses the changes her character undergoes through a series of costume changes into various colored dresses. After its birth following Caruso's performance of Martha Graham's iconic solo, Lamentations, Metamorphosis premiered in 2018 at Israel's Karmiel Dance Festival and has been performed on five continents. The production has been hailed as one of Caruso's greatest solo performances to date.

"Embracing the gravity of the moment, Caruso unleashed in her solo a passionate portrayal of a woman knowledged in the heartaches and joys of life that was bursting with her anxieties, sadness, soaring giddiness and breathless embracing of love and desire." - Steve Sucato

"Unafraid to show the pain that comes from within, Maria Angelica Caruso exposes an inward struggle that seems almost insurmountable. With an extraordinary desire to get past a scratching, awful feeling inside one's body, coping with a type of devastation, she elevates herself by returning to her core." - Theater Pizzazz

"She tries on a series of sheer dresses, the colors of which seem to evoke different moods: rage, sadness, sensuality. Caruso conveys these feelings with her entire body, which extends and contorts in ways that would leave us mere mortals breathless if we tried." - TheaterMania

Metamorphosis has been reviewed in New York City by Theater Pizzazz and TheaterMania and featured on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Maria Angelica Caruso is an American born dancer, choreographer, academic, social activist, fitness and wellness practitioner, and entrepreneur whose enterprise encompasses brand models focused in the arts, education, entertainment, and wellbeing sectors. Caruso's dance business is comprised of five performance companies, a dance conservatory, a fitness program, and a dance movement therapy system, all under the umbrella of the Bodiography brand. The alliance of organizations includes a production company titled M-Train Productions, a fully functional multipurpose dance studio and performance space in her Movement Factory, the dance conservatory Bodiography Center for Movement, an affiliation with an academic institution of higher learning at La Roche University where she chairs the Performing Arts Department, and a publication known as the Arts Inclusive. All of the encompassing entities led by Caruso's vision are known for their commitment to health and wellness in the arts and their championing of positive change in communities regionally and globally. Her dance career, spanning over two decades, is highlighted by her work with the world's most prominent classical and contemporary companies, and she is known for her impeccable classical ballet technique nuanced by her strong roots in the modern dance vernacular. Most recently, she is preparing for the premiere of the new dance film Ornamental Ecstasy, a collaboration with the Frick Art and Historical Center's Exhibition Cast in Chrome and has been spearheading New York City's return to theaters through her off-Broadway performances of Metamorphosis and her 80s revue, Rearview Mirror.

M-Train Productions focuses on the development, creation, and production of commercial dance and theater projects. In addition to the efforts focused in the commercial sector, M-Train places special focus on initiatives that support the presentation of world class arts organizations in the facilities that Caruso owns and operates.

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