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Alan Rickman at Equus today. And more stories from my weekend NYC Trip!!

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Featured Actor | Joined: 8/3/04
Fab weekend in NYC:
Friday night: GYPSY. What a great production. Everyone was in. Laura was sick. Coughing and blowing her nose a lot during the show. It was cute to see her pull a tissue out of her cow pants blow her nose and then stuff it back down the front of her pants. No filming took place on Friday evening. The show is glorious though.
(I was shocked to see Jason Robert Brown at the stage door waiting to see Patti.)

(Saw Gary Senese at Matthew Broderick's restaurant.)

BLOWN AWAY. Whats not to love about the show. Amazing actors. Amazing Choreography Amazing Set Great message. An all around great piece of theatre. I'm very glad it made it to Broadway. Kiril was on and did a great job. I literally walked out of the theatre in tears. I was in such a state of shock at what I just witnessed. Without a doubt the best show of the year. Frank was on as Michael and stole the show in Expressing Yourself.

Sat Night. 13
What a hott mess. The cast is very talented. Graham sings way better live then on the recording. Allie is a wonder. Al's voice is great as well. Poor Aaron is voice is changing on stage. He had a few bad notes. He just could not reach them anymore. The music is great. I just wish they could have took more time with the book. Probably maybe 3 or 4 clever jokes in the whole bunch. The rest are pop culture references or just plain bad. Love the music though.
JRB was in the house and was screaming and clapping. He held up a sign during the curtain call. Although I did not know what it said. He signed autographs in the house after the show.

Sun Mat. EQUUS. First of sitting right across the isle from me was ALAN RICKMAN. I could no believe it. I talked with him at intermission and he said he was enjoying the show. It was very awesome to see him there. He is very tall and serious. He never cracked a smile during the whole afternoon. It is amazing to hear that booming voice of his in person though. But he was very nice and signed and talked to people. I enjoyed watching his reactions to the show.

The show is great. Richard is unstoppable.
Daniel was ill I believe. He was coughing a lot on stage and his voice was rather hoarse. (Forgive the pun) I enjoyed his performance but was not "Wowed." The horses are beautiful. So well designed and choreographed. It is truly chilling.
Great lighting design by the way.

A great weekend of theatre in the greatest city on earth.
I'm now back in Pittsburgh.

If you have any questions please let me know!!

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 10/5/07
Thanks for sharing your reviews!
"Everytime you step on that stage it is somebody's first Broadway show and somebody's last Broadway show. Make it count."
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/26/04
Did you (or anyone) ask Alan R. when he was coming back to Broadway? I'd really hoped to see him back here before this.
A click for life.
mamie4 5/14/03
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clever name
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/12/08
oh cool, I love Alan Rickman! How "very tall" is he?
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 6/21/05
How cool--glad it happened to a fellow Pittsburgher!
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Featured Actor | Joined: 8/3/04
Alan is very tall and commanding in person. It was very cool. I did not ask him when he would be returning to broadway. I hope soon though!!
Stand-by | Joined: 9/2/08
Damn, thats a lot of Harry Potter folk at one time.
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