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Gettin' Outta Town

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Gettin' Outta Town#1
Posted: 7/5/08 at 7:25pm
I've been curious for a while now about out of town try outs. I understand it's a [Broadway] age old tradition and I understand having them in Philly, Boston, Atlantic City, etc. But I'm quite puzzled as to why a Broadway show would have out of town try outs in places like Denver [The Little Mermaid], La Jolla [Millie] and soon to be Seattle [Shrek].

I thought for a split second the reason they did Mermaid in Denver was because Sierra Boggess was a native there. But then I realized...this is Disney, and more than likely, they're not going to base their out of town try out on a no name star. I don't believe Sierra is the new Sutton by any means.

I'm just curious why they would have try outs SO FAR from New York on the West Coast. There's probably some very obvious reason that I'm missing. But to me, it would just seem incredibly expensive to have to ship the entire show, literally across country [renting trucks for sets, flying actors, etc]. And especially with fuel prices being what they are, it seems even more ridiculous to try out a show away from the neighboring states of NY
I adore the black band holding on the Phantom's mask. ~ Jenna2
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re: Gettin' Outta Town#2
Posted: 7/5/08 at 7:43pm
Moss Hart used to write about the "Wrecking Crew" that attended each New Haven review then raced back to New York to talk about how awful it was. I imagine the price of am Airline Ticket is no barrier to that impulse but you might as well make them pay for thier hobby.
No good can possibly come from using this vast wasteland of error and deliberate deceit. You should get off of it and warn others away. You should make sure your children and grandchildren know what a corrupt and morally bankrupt institution it truly is.