Gypsy Tour - 3/25

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Gypsy Tour - 3/25#1
Posted: 3/26/08 at 4:12am
So i saw the Gypsy tour tonight at the Hippodrome Theatre in Waco, TX.

Let me just say that i did see the Lupone Gypsy both at CC and on Bway 2 weeks ago, so it is very much fresh in my mind.

The whole production felt muted. None of the performances were horrible, but none of them outstanding. The acting was sped through, and seemed unimportant to most of the actors.

Halenda was interesting ... it was a giddy rose, that was kind of one level most of the time, wasnt low energy, it wasnt high energy, it was just the same energy constantly... and was very uninteresting.

Louise looked very young as well... i dont have my program with me so im not sure of her name.

Other than that... the show was decent... i have seen a lot stronger non-eq productions.