Betty Buckley at Feinsteins

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Betty Buckley at Feinsteins#1
Posted: 2/18/08 at 4:44am
Did anyone catch any of Betty's shows at Feinstein's? I was there on Saturday night for the 10:00 show, and it was fabulous. She did a "Broadway by request" show- this was a shock to me. I've been going to her shows for many years now, and she has never done this before. She might sing a selection or two from a show, but never "by request." She performed songs from Oklahoma, Carrie, the Mystery of Edwin Drood, Song and Dance, Sunset Boulevard, and Cats. If you enjoy Betty Buckley's broadway work, definitely a must see!!! If not, she performs songs from her 1967 Cd and her new Cd, Quintessance, at the 8:00 show, among other selctions. Catch either show!!! Well worth your money...
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