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Musical Power Point Question#1
Posted: 1/21/08 at 8:07pm
I am asking for assistance, not for anyone to do my work for me.

I am creating a power point to teach 2nd graders about the families of instruments. (This is not actually going to be taught, it's for my education class).

I am looking for a clip I can put into power point of a person singing...nothing specific...just a few notes. I do not just want to hear it but to actually be able to watch the person sing.

I am also looking for small sounds clips of woodwind instruments. Just like a saxophone playing a scale. These clips do not need pictures of someone playing, just the sound. Perhaps something I can click on once I have that power point slide viewed. *I can find some instruments and hear a few notes but am unable to put it into the power point presentation.*

I appreciate any help. Thank you.
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