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Pete Rose For The Hall ?

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Mr Roxy
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Pete Rose For The Hall ?#1
Posted: 12/21/07 at 6:41pm
Who thinks he should now be considered after all the ruckus about steroids?

I think he should based on his playing career. Some of those now in the hall (Ty Cobb for instance) were not exactly choirboys
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re: Pete Rose For The Hall ?#2
Posted: 12/21/07 at 6:45pm
I'm all for Pete Rose being in the Hall of Fame. He's the All-Time hits leader. Yes he violated baseball policy, but what he did, did not have a direct effect on his playing career. I also support Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds being in the Hall. Both players were exceptional hitters way before all of this hoopla broke. Plus, I contend that Mark McGwire, along with Sammy Sosa, saved major league baseball in 1998. I highly doubt without that season that baseball would be as popular as it is today.
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re: Pete Rose For The Hall ?#2
Posted: 12/21/07 at 8:13pm
Just because the steroids scandal affected the actual game more than Rose's gambling problem, it does not make his offense any less serious than it was before the steroids stuff broke.

Some one one death row shouldn't be given life simply because someone whose crime was more heinous also got the death penalty.

Besides since they let Madonna in does anyone really take this seriously?
Updated On: 12/21/07 at 08:13 PM
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re: Pete Rose For The Hall ?#3
Posted: 12/21/07 at 8:51pm
"Smart! And into all those exotic mystiques -- The Kama Sutra and Chinese techniques. I hear she knows more than seventy-five. Call me tomorrow if you're still alive!"
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re: Pete Rose For The Hall ?#4
Posted: 12/22/07 at 1:03am
Let them all in, and make it as pointless as it is to begin with.
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re: Pete Rose For The Hall ?#5
Posted: 12/22/07 at 1:10am
The thing about Roxy, Sueleen, is he's completely messed up in his world view. Before he dismisses me with some witty compliment followed by (not), let me explain:

There is NOTHING that anybody does, (Imus being a racist, for instance) that Roxy doesn't dismiss by pointing out something somebody ELSE has done. Imus was a racist, well, what about Jesse Jackson saying 'Hymietown,'" huhhhhhhhhhh? Pete Rose was barred from the hall of fame for gambling? Well, what about STEROIDS, huhhhhhhhhhh?

It's what he does. Apparently, even though he is a conservative, he ultimately feels that nobody should be accused of doing anything wrong unless EVERYBODY who has ever done something wrong is not only accused of doing the wrong thing, but also punished for it. Until such time, well, anybody who points out the misdeeds or bad behavior of somebody is a hypocrite for not listing every single tangential misdeed in history.
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