OMG - you're not killing the right people!

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
THIS is considered an appropriate action?!?!?

This is nothing more than a political maneuver by those who are playing the game to buy time and temporarily silence dissent.

You know what ‘war’ is? The ultimate expression of bullydom – I want things the way I want them, and I’ll physically overpower anyone who doesn’t agree.

To take a stance, train people to fight and kill for that opinion, and then try to hold them to some perceived ‘rules of combat’ is patently insane. Especially when you’re working within the nebulous parameters of something called a ‘War on Terror’.

Who’s to say where the ‘terror’ is coming from, and how on Earth can you actually have the balls to say to someone, “Ok, go kill them, but not them – even though you have no way of understanding the distinction.”

It’s simply an attempt by those in charge to silence the dissension for a little bit – and how DARE they spend money and time on this charade while those their doing their bidding lack the resources to accomplish their ridiculous mission. And we won’t even go into how those funds could actually help those who have already given and sacrificed in the name of their insane objective.

Who's doing what to whom?
Updated On: 7/19/07 at 03:34 AM