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LITP 1/25

LITP 1/25#0
Posted: 1/26/06 at 11:40am
I just saw this show (finally) for the first time last night-it was incredible. I've known the music since May...but I never got the chance to see it live until yesterday.

Victoria was, of course, incredible. I LOVED Katie Clarke, her acting was perfect (if anyone saw what she did before "The Beauty Is" you would know exactly what I was talking about) and her voice was very pure and beautiful and worked perfectly for the part. I didn't see Aaron Lazar, because his understudy, David Burnham, was in. But I thought David was fantastic...he has a really wonderful voice and captured the essence of that love-sick role perfectly. Has anyone seen both David and Aaron?-I wonder how they compare.
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re: LITP 1/25#1
Posted: 1/26/06 at 12:47pm
I've seen all 3 (Matt, David and Aaron). They were all wonderfully different, yet, I prefer David's interpretation, with Matt close behind. Matt was a real surprise after having only seen him in Hairspray. His acting was wonderful as well as his singing.
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re: LITP 1/25#2
Posted: 1/26/06 at 12:58pm
Out of curiousity, what did Katie Clark do?
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re: LITP 1/25#3
Posted: 1/26/06 at 1:00pm
yeah, im curious too.
re: LITP 1/25#4
Posted: 1/26/06 at 3:39pm
I believe that they are talking about when Clara/Katie touches the statue of David's privates before beinging "These are very popular in Italy."

I too saw the show for the first time last night and left feeling disappointed. I really liked the second act, but the first act just didn't flow well to me. I have heard so much build up about this show I guess I just expected to be blown away by the score and well, I just wasn't. I did enjoy the performances, but overall I thought it was just an okay night of theatre.
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re: LITP 1/25#5
Posted: 1/27/06 at 1:16pm
I've seen all three Fabrizios as well, and I think David does a fabulous job. I couldn't really say which one was my favorite, because they each bring something special to the role, but anyone who has the opportunity to see David should jump on it.

Anyone know if Glenn Seven Allen is going on? Possibly this weekend? He's the only one I haven't seen, and I don't think he's ever done the role, so if he's going on...!!!
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re: LITP 1/25#6
Posted: 1/28/06 at 1:51pm
Glad you liked it!

"I believe that they are talking about when Clara/Katie touches the statue of David's privates before beinging 'These are very popular in Italy.'"

I was thinking, "Why did they make a statue of David Burnham's privates? What?" and then my mind turned on.
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re: LITP 1/25#7
Posted: 1/28/06 at 8:15pm
I saw the original cast in June and I saw it again on Wed. Kelli and Katie play the part very differently and I loved both of them. Kelli as everyone who has heard the CD, has an incredible Soprano voice. She was able to sing the very rangy music with no struggle at all, but she of proper and mature I guess you could say. I loved her acting and still think she should of won a Tony. There were still a lot of times when I almost forgot that Kelli was not 12, but Katie's youth was more outward while Kelli internalized it a little more. But Katie was more convincing as a 12 year old. She was very naive and vulnerable and you truely felt like she was a 12 year old trapped in a 26 year old body. The Beauty Is was funny, but she was also so moving on The Light in the Piazza and the whole scene in the wedding dress (before Love to Me). And yes, her voice isnt as strong as Kelli's, but I feel like it really worked and gave her more of a youthful quality to her performance.