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Johanna Day in Lombardi?  Apr 8 2011, 12:09:54 PM
Playbill Online doesn't have a stand-by listed for Marie at the moment. Maybe they'll have an update next week? I hope Johanna Day is the new stand-by--I will see her in anything.

Your Year In Theatre - 2010  Dec 22 2010, 03:11:18 PM
1) Brief Encounter--Great performances, gorgeous production values, and I left grinning like an idiot!
2) Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson--No, it's not the best musical to come along in the last five years, but I had a blast and couldn't get the score out of my head. Oh, and Ben Walker...
3) Merry Wives of Windsor--Caught this tour of The Globe UK's production at Pace. I loved seeing this l

AMERICAN IDIOT vacations  Dec 12 2010, 09:58:57 AM
I believe Mary Faber's last performance is today.

TIME STANDS STILL closing January 23rd?  Dec 1 2010, 09:05:36 AM
Really? Like frogs, I always saw it advertised as an "X amount of weeks" engagement (20 weeks?).

BRIEF ENCOUNTER - First Preview 9/10  Sep 13 2010, 07:42:19 AM
Add me to the "I loved it!" camp. I had so much fun and walked out inspired. I will definitely see it again before it closes.

Broadway Apparel in bigger sizes?  Jul 29 2010, 09:22:17 AM
American Idiot has the black and red logo tees and the hoodie in 2XL.

Cast Announced for SHREK Tour; Starts 7/13 in Chicago  May 13 2010, 06:45:21 AM
I saw Eric Petersen when he went on for Ben Crawford (I don't think he did it more than once) and really loved his Shrek. I'm so excited he's doing the tour!

American idiot question--again, not important, dont get your knickers in a  May 11 2010, 09:18:12 AM
She is singing to her baby there.

Thank you NYPD  May 2 2010, 09:02:31 AM
Last night was just further proof that they're absolute aces. If they hadn't handled the situation with the calm and order that they did, there would have been a panic.

TITANIC - THE MUSICAL to have one-night-only benefit concert in NY  Apr 23 2010, 09:14:31 AM
Liz Larsen is set to play Vicki Clark's role in the concert.

So You Can Bring Babies Into A Theater Now?  Apr 16 2010, 11:04:14 AM
It is technically the policy not to admit children under the age of 4 precisely for all the reasons mentioned: they can't sit still, they can't keep quiet, etc. In the times I've seen the house manager makes an exception, he or she seats the parents near the exits so that if the child starts up a ruckus, they can get out quickly and disturb surrounding patrons as little as possible. Whether the parents are considerate enough to actually remove their children is another story...

Sorry th

Enron is a big YES for best play this year!  Apr 16 2010, 10:53:06 AM
For anyone who might be interested in seeing 'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,' check your T.V. listings. I did a search last night (yes, this play has piqued my curiosity to learn more), and it turns out it's going to be on one of the business channels next week.

Who's going to ENRON tonight??  Apr 9 2010, 09:36:14 AM
The vomiting was truly terrible, and I believe it all came from one group who must have eaten something bad somewhere. Aside from the woman who caused the hold up at the beginning of the show, two others projectile vomited at the back of the orchestra and a third fell in front of the accessible bathroom. It definitely affected my ability to focus on the show.

That said, I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. Of course, it was the first preview and, from what I've heard, the

any news on the american idiot cast cd  Apr 6 2010, 11:15:15 PM
It's not on Amazon yet. Hopefully before the Tony Awards.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore.  Mar 22 2010, 12:29:38 PM
I didn't expect to love this show, but I was pleasantly surprised. So endearing and moving, and funny! My cast (Katie Finneran, Natasha Lyonne, Carol Kane, Lucy DeVito, and Capathia Jenkins) was also excellent and had great rapport. I liked the simplicity of the piece, but I can see how it would irk people who expected to get a little more for what they paid. And it is fairly chick flick-y, but that's what the Ephrons do! I hope people keep coming to see it.

a behanding in spokane merchandise (for those who asked)  Mar 5 2010, 10:58:53 AM
Usually they'll let you pop in if it's not too crazy.

who is your favorite child broadway actor you have seen  Mar 5 2010, 10:54:23 AM
Anna Kendrick was so poised and professional in High Society and held her own with the veterans. I'm so glad to see her success.

I also adored Mitchel Federan in The Boy From Oz and William Ulrich in Nine.

Non-Equity Auditions!?  Mar 5 2010, 10:50:37 AM
Not only are non-Equity auditions crowded, but people get there to start a list as early as 2 a.m. I'm not going to start in on the whole lists issue, but know that if you get there any later than 7:30 a.m., you're in trouble.

NINE...which recording?  Jan 3 2010, 11:03:10 AM
I am a huge fan of the revival recording. It's really well produced, and the performances are very true to what you would have seen on-stage. That said, I'd also recommend owning the two disc remastered OBC (because it's the original cast!) and the London concert (because the chorus is huge, so the ensemble numbers are incredible).

re: Has anyone else stage doored NINE?  Dec 28 2009, 08:30:16 AM
Met a few of the "guys in skinny ties" afterwards and showed them around the city. I had a really hard time getting them away from the Christmas tree, but they were extremely appreciative. I'm still sore.

(My morning coffee is shooting out of my nose as I read this thread. Love you guys!)

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