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WIW This Afternoon

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WIW This Afternoon#0
Posted: 1/14/06 at 9:50pm
Saw it this afternoon. Friedman in & Ball out

Show was quite good . The projections are outstanding. Ball's understudy ( Norman Large ) was great. The score was , to me , the weak point. ALW's scores for Phantom, Sunset & Evita were better. Large was very good as Count Fosca. Friedman was very good as well

I went to the mens room during intermission & one guy standing next to me said he was using the john after he & a friend walked out during the intermission of Chita. He hated it & one of his beefs was that he never heard the first person pronoun used so much - I kid you not. My wife overheard to amateur critcs saying they saw better high school productions

All in all, My wife & I can recommend the show. Tried to get into Mc Hales as it is closing in a few days. It was packed to the gills. What a shame as I will never get to have one of their famous burgers unless they reopen in the same location after the new building is built. Little by little more & more of old NY is disappearing
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re: WIW This Afternoon#1
Posted: 1/15/06 at 2:41am
Glad you enjoyed WIW! I enjoyed it as well!

As for McHales, friends and i tried to get in tonight for one last hurrah there and it was a 40 min wait and that's unheard of! I've really never had to wait more than 15 mins there. Glad we stopped in two weeks ago in case we didn't get back before they closed. Such a shame that its closing and wish I could've gone one more time as well. I think everyone had the same idea to hit there for dinner one last time. re: WIW This Afternoon