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A brief concern

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A brief concern#0
Posted: 11/24/05 at 12:55am
Something on this board has been a little irritating lately, ordinarily I would let it go, but it is getting a little rediculous here lately.
I would like to thank those of you who started a new thread for your Rent reviews so I don't have to surf through literaly hundreds of messages to find reviews hidden between peoples comments on the reviews. What is with the messageboard snobbery here? It was quite clear that what is being posted is a review in the suject line and for those who are uninterested in the review, well they didn't have to open it. So I would like to thank you reviewers who opened ne threads for this and after I see the movie you will be able to read my review as a new thread so that is easy to see and no sifting through hundreds of posts for my review will be nessecary, and for those who do not wish to read it, don't. The whining about too many posts on one subject on here is rediculous, and starting a special thread that will definately fill up quickly and be impossible to get all the way through just because you don't want to see the new reviews as they come in is really kind of silly. I am lead to believe that if I have anything to say about Billy Elliot the musical, then I have to post it in a subject that already has well over 1,000 responces, or if I have something to say about Wicked it has to be accompanied by an apology for mentioning Wicked on the board. The hell is with that. If people here see a subject line that they are not interested in, by no means don't read it.
This subject also brings up the issue of the five or six people here who like to complain about people's spelling in posts. This is more messageboard snobbery. Usualy, despite spelling errors, it is very easy to tell what is meant by what is written. This is all informal writing to share ideas not a formal letter so it is perfectly acceptable to not be perfect. I notice that both of these issues get to be problems on almost all messageboards and it is always a small percentage of the users that actualy make these things an issue. Most people are grown up enough to get over these little quibbles, but the few that can't end up making the board(s) less fun for everyone else, often leading people to go on hiatus from the board, this puts a damper on the free flow of ideas, belittles numerous users and creates a poor environvent for dicussion. So if you see something listed that you are tired of reading, just don't read it and if you see a few spelling errors then for God's sake don't get your panties in a twist.
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re: A brief concern#1
Posted: 11/24/05 at 1:44am