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MEF reviews "Seascape" ***spoilers***

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MEF reviews "Seascape" ***spoilers***#0
Posted: 11/16/05 at 4:21pm
From the moment the curtain rose onto Michael Yeargan's breathtaking set, I was hooked on Lincoln Center's revival of Edward Albee's Seascape, at the Booth Theatre. Under the sharp, stylish direction of Mark Lamos, the talented cast of four work wonders with Albee's poignant and pungent dialogue.

The play opens with Nancy and Charlie (Frances Sternhagen and George Grizzard, respectively), an older, recently retired couple who are spending an afternoon on the beach. They are both contented and confused at the same time; Nancy wants to go out and live life while Charlie wishes only to nap and be lazy. "We've earned a little rest," he says to his wife, to which she shoots right back, "We've earned a little life!"

The first act is essentially the couple's ruminations on their life, family and the state of the world. Every now and then, Nancy alludes to "another couple" down a ways on the beach. About ten minutes before the curtain falls for intermission, we meet the other couple...

Leslie and Sarah (Frederick Weller and Elizabeth Marvel, respectively) are essentially the lizard equivalent of Nancy and Charlie. They have grown tired of the day-to-day existence beneath the water and have decided to give life above the sea a go (the underlying themes of Evolution are especially relevant given today's controversies). For an hour, the four exchange elegant remarks about life and love, and in turn, the two couples grow closer to each other.

The cast could not be better. Sternhagen and Grizzard are wonderful, as usual. Weller is an appropriately cocky Leslie. Marvel (don't mean to beat a dead horse, but she's the best actress in New York) is beautifully nuanced as Sarah; just engrave her Tony right now!

A stunning and stimulating production, both visually and intellectually. Go see it!
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re: MEF reviews 'Seascape' ***spoilers***#1
Posted: 11/16/05 at 4:22pm
Great review. So happy you had the same reaction I did. Definitely a "must-see" production.
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re: MEF reviews 'Seascape' ***spoilers***#2
Posted: 11/16/05 at 4:29pm
I have to agree with both of you. I saw it last Wednesday night with a friend and we were both captivated the entire time. Excellent writing. Fabulous acting. If you get the chance, definitely go see this production.
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re: MEF reviews 'Seascape' ***spoilers***#3
Posted: 11/16/05 at 4:55pm
Couldn't agree more.
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re: MEF reviews 'Seascape' ***spoilers***#4
Posted: 11/16/05 at 4:57pm
I saw it a few weeks back and I did like it, but found the play a bit slight. The performances were all pitch perfect...but the play, was only alright to me....maybe it was just me.
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re: MEF reviews 'Seascape' ***spoilers***#5
Posted: 11/16/05 at 7:39pm
I was holding off seeing this play until Loretta Swit replaced Frances Sternhagen, but judging from the comments I've been reading on this site I may have to see it sooner.
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