Went to the Bucks County Playhouse...(Mame Review)

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Hi everyone. I went to the Bucks County Playhouse today with my drama cast and we saw Mame. It was very good, I liked it more than I thought I would. It was opening night (well, day) and a ton of mishaps happened, so it was very funny.

Mame Dennis- Linda Dano: She can act amazingly well. It was just...superb. However, her singing was...not that great, lol, but got a lot better at the end of the show. But this is her first musical (says the playbill) but she did a great job improving when things messed up. Very nice, a whole bunch of us got her autograph at the end of the show =).

Vera Charles- Anna Stuart: I love her character and she played it amazing. She forgot one of her lines in a scene between her and Auntie Mame and the improv between the two of them was great.

Patrick Dennis (age 10)- Josh DiFerdinando: He was SO good. He's only in 6th grade, too. OUr cast kinda...mobbed him b/c we saw with his mom outside the theatre and he autographed our playbills too. I think we scared him a bit, but he looked really happy talking to us. Very good singing.

Agnes Gooch- Tressa McCallister: Wow. She stole thye show in my opinion. I absolutly loved her character and her singing/acting totally rocked. Wow is all I can really say.

Ralph Devine- Edward Egan: I am suddenly drawing a blank on who he was...damn it! Some reviewer I am...

M. Lindsay Woolsey/ Philip Katz: Thankfully I remember him, lol. He was hysterical, great actor.

Ito- Damian Bartolacci: Funny as hell, loved the character and the actor.

Dwight Babcock- Louis Palena: I loved him throughout the whole show. So funny! Bastard, b-a-s-t-a-r-d: Babcock. =P

Gregor- Matthew Cline: Am I losing my memory? I'm too young for this...

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside- Bob Marcus: For someone with such a long name, I love how his 'real' name is so short, lol. He was very very funny in the whole manicuring scene.

Sally Cato- Aimee Miller: Very very funny. I wish she had more stage time, I really liked her.

Mother Burnside- Skip Avalanche: What a cool name! I didn't see the point of having the mother being played by a man...lol...but it was hysterical. It takes guts to do that!

Patrick Dennis (age 19-29)- Patrick Ludt: Wow. I'm pretty speechless, but wow. He can sing and act! I liked him a lot.

Mrs. Upson- Melissa Hammans: Hysterical.

Mr. Upson- Skip Avalanche: Very annoying, but good getting into character. Also hysterical.

Gloria Upson- Ashley Davidson: The most annoying accent I have ever heard, she does an amazing one b/c during our talk-back she sounded...normal, lol.

Pegeen Ryan- Jessica Brandish: Didn't see too much of her, but I liked what I did see.

All in all, I really liked the show. The messups, though there were a lot...were funny and the improv was hysterical. So, go see it! And besides, New Hope, PA rocks in itself!
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I live (well, before I came to college in Florida) in PA about 10 minutes away from New Hope/Peddler's Village. It really is an absolute wonderful place with such nice scenery and stores too. And the playhouse is in a very old but well kept building. If you can go, you should!
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I once saw a production of Mame and Mother Burnside was played by a man. I always wondered if that was ever done anywhere else.

Sounds like you had a good time.
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Thanks for the review. I live about 10 minutes from the Playhouse. I was considering seeing this, but I hadn't read any reviews yet.
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Aww I love the Bucks County Playhouse!! I live about 30 minutes away from it and I used to go see shows all the time but haven't been there in a while...perhaps I should go sometime soon.
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Glad you enjoyed it! re: Went to the Bucks County Playhouse...(Mame Review)
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Glad that you enjoyed it.

Damian and Louis (as well as Louis' sister Jill) are three of the most amazing performers I have ever seen.

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