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in need of a little political help...

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in need of a little political help...#0
Posted: 9/29/04 at 6:16pm
so like i've said a few times already, i'm student teaching right now. i'm in a 6th grade social studies classroom and tomorrow i get observed by my supervisor. everyday, my cooperating teacher starts off the class with a political cartoon. the one he gave me to use is about kerry debating and how he has changed his position on many issues several times... or something like that. i don't know where to start with this discussion. i doubt the kids will understand it and i'll be doing most of the talking... but i really have no clue whats going on... i've had so much work between teaching, my methods classes, and work that i havent had time to pay attention to this stuff. is there anyone out there who can help me out? i'll love you forever in need of a little political help...
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re: in need of a little political help...#1
Posted: 9/29/04 at 7:15pm
Bush has been accusing Kerry of flip-flopping. That's the joke.

Suffice to say that I disagree.