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pinky power

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pinky power#0
Posted: 9/23/04 at 8:53am
Ever since my first dance recital when I was two and a half (dancing around like a little raindrop to "April Showers" from Bambi, and I digress....), I've linked pinkies with the other performers before I go on stage. If I forget, I'll link my own pinkies right before I make my first entrance. It's a ritual I have, an odd and seemingly pointless one at that- and I don't know if I'd call it tradition or superstition.
Do any of you have showtime rituals? Maybe just opening night rituals? I'd be interested to hear them!
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re: pinky power#1
Posted: 9/23/04 at 8:57am
A pinky promise was one of my rituals as well judy!
Opening night was a hugh group hug,everyone was there techies as well!
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re: pinky power#2
Posted: 9/23/04 at 9:02am
I always like to say a little prayer for a good show.
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