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Whats this song called?


Whats this song called?#0
Posted: 8/28/04 at 10:25pm
Some people did thios song a few years ago, and i'm tying to find it I think it's called "your nothing without me" it has to do with a character in a book (?) and his author and their fight or something like that, the finale from the show was playing before, but i missed the name of the show, any one got an Idea of what it is?
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Whats this song called?#1
Posted: 8/28/04 at 11:11pm
"You're Nothing Without Me" is from CITY OF ANGELS. It is sung by Stine, a writer of detective novels, and Stone, the fictional hero of the novels, one of which is being made into a movie.

Stine and Stone are the only characters in the show who don't "double". Every other actor plays a character in the detective movie and a different character in "real life". The movie scenes use all black-and-white sets and costumes, and the real life scenes are in full color.