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Which musical in Central Park?

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Which musical in Central Park?#0
Posted: 7/11/03 at 5:52pm
Every few years, the Public Theatre in New York does a musical in Central Park instead of Shakespeare. I think the last one was in 1998 (On The Town). And of course, the famous Kevin Kline "Pirates of Penzance" production in CP is now on DVD.

So which musical would you like to see done in Central Park? Remember Belvedere Castle is the backdrop to the Central Park stage.
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re: Which musical in Central Park?#1
Posted: 7/11/03 at 6:04pm
What about Camelot?
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re: re: Which musical in Central Park?#2
Posted: 7/11/03 at 8:18pm
Just remember how hot and humid those nights can be. Do you really want to sit through that heat for a mediocore production? ON THE TOWN was the pits.

PIRATES was pre-GW and was fun but terrible uncomfortable.

GW couldn't direct a musical worth sitting through even in A/C in my opinion. And his ego wouldn't allow any one else to direct.

Yours for a better Broadway, and Delacorte!

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I'm glad to find someone who agrees that GW is a sham. His direction of ANGELS IN AMERICA left much to be desired. The blocking was horrid, the diction was dreadful and there was so much pruning to be done on the text that they should have hired a tree surgeon!

His production of ON THE TOWN was another mess!
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