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Tony-winner Daisy Eagan's open relationship profiled in New York Times

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Pretty interesting look, pretty cool of them to be so open!

Theirs Is a ‘Traditional Untraditional’ Union: The Tony Award-winning actor Daisy Eagan and her husband Kurt Bloom, who are in an open relationship, share how they designed a marriage that works for them.

"We have a traditional untraditional marriage. I’m in a straight relationship to the outside world, but because I came out in my late 30s as queer, I didn’t get a chance to explore that as much as I would have liked. I identify as she/they and we have an open relationship. I don’t know if I would act on it, but knowing the door is unlocked is a comfort. It helps me in my queer identity. I might like Kurt to have a companion. That doesn’t worry me. There’s a level of respect and acceptance that comes with understanding your partner’s sexuality.

Being married does feel more permanent. Love is a commitment and a decision you make everyday. It’s an agreement to work as hard as you can together. Marriage means I’m there for Kurt in a supportive, financial, emotional, parenting, friendship and companionship way. And he’s there for me. We are equal partners, which seems rare. I hope to have that for the rest of our lives.:

"Hey little girls, look at all the men in shiny shirts and no wives!" - Jackie Hoffman, Xanadu, 19 Feb 2008
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I'd be pleased to hook up with her husband if it will help Daisy Eagan out in some way. #Solidarity #Community #WoofDaddy

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