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Competition Audition Song Help

Swing | Joined: 2/15/21

Competition Audition Song Help

Posted: 2/15/21 at 5:15pm

Hello! So my drama teacher nominated me for a scholarship competition (i'm a freshman but none of the juniors or seniors wanted to for some reason). But anyway, on the audition materials sheet it says I need a couple songs (I'm not sure how many yet exactly) and they need to be different styles to show off my voice and I don't even know where to start to pick the songs. I'm a mezzo soprano/alto (I don't really know but I'm def not a soprano). I'm guessing I need a ballad and a contemporary song but I don't want to do something that everyone else is doing ya know? I usually get cast in comedic-ish roles (although they aren't exactly my favorite). I like headstrong characters like (not from musicals but just as an example), Lizzie Bennet, Kat Stratford, etc. Basically any girl thats kind of sarcastic; or on the other end of the spectrum, really sweet princessy types. My ultimate dream role is Anya in Anastasia. So hopefully this info can help you guys help me find something! Thanks so much!!

Updated On: 2/15/21 at 05:15 PM