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Broadway Profiles, TV show with Tamsen Fadal

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Wee Thomas2
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend

Bumped into this when looking for something else on my tv's program guide.  30 minute produced show.  Seems to be a monthly show, but the episode this past weekend covered relatively recent Broadway and Broadway adjacent stories, like Boys in the Band on Netflix, and short interviews with a chorus member of Moulin Rouge and a cast member of JLP


Not groundbreaking, but it at least fed our Broadway jones for a bit

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend

I watch it when I remember. Nothing groundbreaking, or anything exciting but, a fun half hour show that I don't mind watching. The only part I don't like is the news breaks. As you pointed out, being a monthly show, the "news" gets to be stale if you are looking at the news as often as I do, or I'm sure many others on this board. 

Also, there is something about Tamsen Fadal that I like. Can't put my finger on it. Maybe its that she seems excited as all the "Stans" of each show, but is able to be a grown up professional at the same time.

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