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See historic sights in "No Way to Treat a Lady"

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Today I watched the 1967 thriller film No Way to Treat a Lady starring Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, & George Segal.  Rod Steiger plays a fictional owner of a Broadway house, whose fixation upon his deceased mother, a former Broadway star, leads him to commit a string of serial killings of middle-aged women living alone. 

The movie was filmed on location throughout New York from June to September 1967, and there are many noteworthy sights such as dining at Sardi's, passing by the St James theater with Hello Dolly! on the marquee, seeing a billboard advertising Ingrid Bergman & Colleen Dewhurst in More Stately Mansions, & one scene set in the bar of Joe Allen's - which is presented as somewhere cheap prostitutes could be found hanging about.

Lee Remick is shown working as a tourist guide at Lincoln Center, while construction of Julliard is ongoing. 

I found this website with pictures from the film:

I don't know all the theaters well enough to be certain which one is used as the one supposedly owned by Steiger's character where a final showdown takes place.  They mention it near 44th & 6th so I'm thinking it may be what is now known as the Hudson.  Unfortunately,  there don't seem to be any pictures on that above website.

The murders on the film are not gruesome or gory, so I reccommend it to others with an interest in sight seeing through mid-60's New York.


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There is a wonderful musical adaptation by Douglas Cohen which has played Off-Broadway twice. It's a cast of 4 - 5 actors and would be best be described as a dark comedy with elements of romance. There is a lovely cast recording that included Alix Korey and Adam Grupper. Because of its size, it would be ideal for a small theater company to produce. Rights are available through Concord Theatricals.

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Broadway Legend

I enjoyed looking at the pictures.  I did not know that The Merv Griffin Show studio was in the theatre district.   On certain days, that would have been a fun stage door.  He had all the legends on his show.  BTW, Lee Remick looked gorgeous in those pictures.

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There was an interesting story I heard regarding The Merv Griffin Show. It filmed in what is now the Helen Hayes Theatre, next door to the St. James. One night, a guest cancelled on Merv right before the show was to start taping. They ran next door to the St. James and asked Carol Channing to come on as a guest. She agreed and ran over to do Merv's show. 

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To Inception

.The theater used for the finale is,I believe,the Belasco .I believe the scenes of the interior of the office above the theater is the office used by David Belasco as well.
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