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Musicals that were announced but never materialised.  May 23 2020, 08:49:05 PM

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

delete  Jan 9 2020, 10:16:58 AM


OKLAHOMA! Previews  Mar 22 2019, 05:34:26 PM

I wouldn't. There are some really dope projections, so I would recommend anywhere in the middle section looking head-on."

By head on, do you mean in the curve or on the straight sides?


Kiss Me Kate Discount for after 3/17?  Jan 30 2019, 07:11:39 AM

Does anyone know of a Kiss Me Kate discount that is good after March 17? Thanks.

Can an 11 year old see the show Hamilton alone?  Jan 13 2019, 09:46:02 AM

In my opinion, 11 is a little young.  My daughter saw her first broadway show alone last year.  She was 13.  We stayed with her until they scanned her ticket.  Had her stay in her seat during intermission. Picked her up as soon as it was over.  However, we had a very frank discussion about what to do if someone near her did something inappropriate (be loud and even stop the show if necessary).  We also established what to do if there was an emergency (fire alarm,

BEETLEJUICE - Pre-Broadway Tryout in DC  Oct 30 2018, 08:14:51 AM

Dear National Theatre Patron:

We are writing to let you know of a schedule change of our Pre-Broadway musical BEETLEJUICE. Based on the technical size of the production, we need to allow for more time to move the show out of the National Theatre and on to Broadway. As a result, we are unable to present the final performance on Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm as originally scheduled. We hope you understand and that you will be able to exchange into any of our

Revised Jane Eyre in Cleveland  Sep 4 2018, 02:05:57 PM

The "Children of God" sequence is staged more like a memory tableau (I'm sure that's probably not the correct description, but I hope that helps you envision it).  During the intense driving music of the opening of that song, in place of the turntable, a large basic wooden staircase is brought out and moved around so that the headmaster stands atop and sings toward the audience. The only child is Young Jane, but it is very clear that there are other children at the scho

Revised Jane Eyre in Cleveland  Sep 3 2018, 05:33:54 PM

I was able to see this yesterday.  The creative team has been able to retain the wonderful things from the Broadway production and revise it into a show that is more accessible to theater companies.  The smaller cast of 10 could be easily expanded, if desired.  Some of the more challenging orchestrations have been changed; however, I did not notice a difference during the performance. The song "The Finer Things" has been replaced by a one that

Head Over Heels Strange "Glitch"  Jul 26 2018, 05:09:55 PM

I received this email this afternoon...

Earlier today you may have received an email titled "Ticket Cancellation Notice" from for your upcoming Head Over Heels performance. We experienced a glitch in our system and this email was sent in error. All orders are unaffected, and we apologize for the confusion. We look forward to seeing you in the theatre!

Hudson Theatre Management

(I hope I get to see this show in early August)

The Cher Show  Jul 14 2018, 06:42:28 PM

I saw the show on Friday and was thrilled when I realized I was watching two alums of Side Show as a couple in The Cher Show.  The characters Georgia Holt (Emily Skinner - Daisy '97) and John Southall (Matthew Hydzik - Buddy '14) get married.  A special addition to my night.

New TYA - It's a Bird...Superman  Feb 17 2018, 08:32:38 AM

This was just announced.  Exciting opportunity for children to learn an "old" musical.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s creative team, theatrical licensing agent Tams-Witmark, and DC Comics have joined forces to adapt and premiere a TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) version of the 1966 musical It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman (Superman®

2018 - 2019 Touring Season  Feb 10 2018, 08:23:22 AM


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 10/23 - 11/4

Play That Goes Wrong  11/27 - 12/2

Rent  12/11 - 12/23

Fiddler on the Roof  1/15 - 1/27
Hamilton    2/19 - 3/10

On Your Feet    3/19 - 3/24

Miss Saigon  4/9 - 4/21

Dear Evan Hansen  4/30 - 5/12

Cats  6/11 - 6/16

2017-2018 Touring Season  Feb 27 2017, 09:04:38 PM

Dayton Ohio

8/8 - 8/13  The Little Mermaid

10/3 - 10/8  In the Heights

11/7 - 11/12  An American In Paris

2/13 - 2/18  The Sound of Music

3/20 - 3/25  Something Rotten

4/11 - 4/22  The Phantom of the Opera

5/22 - 5/27  Beautiful

2017-2018 Touring Season  Feb 5 2017, 10:53:40 PM

According to

9/13 - 10/15 Wicked (Special Engagement)

11/7 - 11/19  Finding Neverland

12/5 - 12/10  A Christmas Story (Season Option)

1/9 - 1/21 Waitress

2/21 - 3/4  School of Rock

3/20 - 3/25  Chicago (Season Option)

4/10 - 4/22  The King and I

5/29 - 6/10  Aladdin

7/31 - 8/5  The Book of Mormon (Special Engagement)

Great Comet Seating Thread  Dec 31 2016, 02:05:19 PM

I am only 5'1" and typically stay away from the mezzanine. When I saw "A Bronx Tale", because of the brass railing I had to lean forward to see the stage (I'm sure bothering those behind me).  Would there be anything blocking my view of the stage in the front mezzanine at Great Comet.  Also if so, how far back would I have to sit for it not to block my view.  I have already seen the show from the orchestra but didn't venture into the mezz because I di

Jackie Hoffman's new gig  Sep 12 2016, 01:27:44 PM

Will Jackie Hoffman's new commitment affect her ability to participate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Marvin Trilogy?  Sep 12 2016, 01:25:35 PM

I saw the trilogy at Balwin-Wallace.  However, at the performance that I saw of In Trousers, they cut out the "Scrubby Dubby" section. I assume this was due to time constraints.

WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread  Jul 4 2016, 08:48:31 AM

As a woman, I will give you my opinion. I did not know anything about Elizabeth and Helena except their names.  My favorite shows are ones that are historical and have strong female characters (Side Show, Parade, Ragtime, etc.). Also I had never seen Patti live.  So I was excited to see this show.   Well...It was great to see the Patti/Christine diva fest and the costumes but...I have to say that the show did not meet my expectations. Although both of these

WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread  Jul 3 2016, 09:07:52 AM

The cast is very small.  Here is a link to the Goodman website, click on Artists to see their headshots  I believe Stephanie Jae Park is Asian and everyone else is Caucasian. 

The SpongeBob Musical opening in Chicago - June 7, 2016  Jun 30 2016, 01:12:41 AM

Saw this tonight...We had a wonderful, fun night. Ethan Slater (SpongeBob) was a perfect embodiment of the character. Since I direct shows at an elementary school and have to raise every penny that I spend, I found the ingenuity of staging and props inspiring and amazing! I wish that the inventiveness could have been used on a "more respected" source material.  I fear that it will be overlooked and dismissed because the show is not sophisticated enough. Kudos to the creati

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