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Anyone still waiting on a TodayTix refund?

Chorus Member
Chorus Member | Joined: 8/19/08

I had tickets to see Company at the end of April purchased through TodayTix and I'm still waiting on a refund. The tickets weren't cheap and I could use the money back. I've contacted them multiple times and they keep saying they're still waiting on a refund from Company so that they can refund my money. I'm having a hard time believing they still haven't gotten money back for a ticket to a performance that should've happened 2 months ago. I doubt they walked to the box office and paid for these tickets in cash. I'm also frustrated because I paid them for a ticket, not the Company box office. This is cemented by the fact that they're issuing TodayTix vouchers as a refund unless you ask them for your money back. They've also more or less ghosted their customers. I've gotten a ton of promotional emails but no update about the status of my refund without me reaching out first since a short email saying they'll be in touch immediately after the performance was canceled in early April. Has anyone actually received a refund? How long did it take? I'm about to dispute the charge with my bank if I can't get anything out of them but I feel a little bad doing something so extreme.

Featured Actor
Featured Actor | Joined: 8/26/19

I was refunded instead of given a credit after I contacted them several times at Got the money back the same week as the cancelled performance (first week of April), along with an email confirming the refund. I received the same emails as you about them getting money back from productions, so maybe 2nd stage refunded them right away (I had Take Me Out tix).  

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/28/05
“I doubt they walked to the box office and paid for these tickets in cash.“

Actually, they pretty much always get tickets directly from the box office and often pay cash.
Stand-by | Joined: 12/9/11

Why would you feel bad calling your credit card company?  Today Tix are street scum scalpers with a corporate logo.  They clearly have no respect for you - why show them any back?

Featured Actor
Featured Actor | Joined: 10/6/18
I never got a refund for a Sing Street performance on 4/15. I emailed and they said the production hasn’t released the funds back yet.
Sutton Ross Profile Photo
Sutton Ross
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/20/13

Yeah, they do buy most of their tickets at the box office in cash. Box offices are currently closed. Don't expect a refund from them for a long time. 

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/13/04

They do use cash but mostly use a card issued to them to buy tickets. They use cash mostly for day of rush type ticketing from what I understand from talking to a friend who worked for them.

Just give the world Love.
Swing | Joined: 5/30/19
Just to add my experience, I was also able to get a refund after emailing them several times.
Swing | Joined: 3/28/17

In the same boat, bought tickets for Company for the end of May and when I emailed to ask about the refund I got the same response as countrygurl5872.

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Sutton Ross
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/20/13

In my experience, you have to keep pressing them. Over and over and over again. Also, their staff is probably 95% gone, so it things will take longer than usual.