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AEA President election?  Jun 20 2020, 01:30:25 AM

Ravenclaw said: And the (relatively) recent moves of Equity to hide more information behind its members-only portal has been damaging for potential/future Equity members and other professionals in the industry. Young actors striving to become Equity should be able to know what's in the Equity handbook, how much an Equity minimum at different theaters around the country is, etc. And many non-Equity theater companies model their contracts and agreements on Equity's as much as they can a

The Moment You Became A BWAY Fan  Jun 14 2020, 07:26:09 PM
I’ve always loved Broadway, but my lightbulb moment was when I saw the “Kiss Me, Kate” revival in 2000.

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 14 2020, 12:27:52 AM

BLs68 said: "bwaylvsong said: "@JuneJune the timeline in your memory doesn’t line up- there was no Manhattan location of Junior’s until around 2007, the year that“Beauty” closed."

According to the Junior’s website, theShubert Alley/45th St location opened in 2006. It doesn’t provide an opening date. Just the year. Your First Broadway Show  Jun 13 2020, 11:51:58 PM

@JuneJune the timeline in your memory doesn’t line up- there was no Manhattan location of Junior’s until around 2007, the year that “Beauty” closed.

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 13 2020, 10:17:46 PM
@g.d.e.l.g.i, my only point about “Dance of the Vampires” is that it could have been a hit even if they kept it exactly as it was on Broadway, camp and all. It had some of the most spectacular visuals I have ever seen, boasted a well known and dynamic cast, had a catchy score (including “Total Eclipse” which was absolutely a highlight), and was funny. The audience I was in ate it up. If it had opened at a different time and didn’t receive negative reviews comparing it to the European show and

Unpopular theatre opinions  Jun 13 2020, 03:37:39 PM
-I like some of the music from “In the Heights” and the show was enjoyable but it left me cold.
-The recent “A Little Night Music” revival was phenomenal.
-I had no issues with the book revisions in the recent “Kiss Me, Kate” revival. I also thought O’Hara was wonderful.
-I think “Light in the Piazza”, “Spelling Bee”, and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” are all superior shows to “Spamalot” (which I also like but beat them all for the Tony).
-“Groundhog Day” is a beautifully written sh

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 13 2020, 03:13:09 PM
@Broadway61004 that was my second Broadway show!

Your First Broadway Show  Jun 13 2020, 03:05:26 PM
“Beauty and the Beast” at the Palace in 1996 starring Kerry Butler, Marc Kudisch, and then-standby Steve Blanchard. I saw Blanchard in the same role a full decade later at the Lunt during its closing week.

Anyone still waiting on a TodayTix refund?  Jun 11 2020, 02:21:59 PM
“I doubt they walked to the box office and paid for these tickets in cash.“

Actually, they pretty much always get tickets directly from the box office and often pay cash.

Susan Egan  Jun 9 2020, 07:18:27 PM
I have never seen her act so was pretty neutral on her until I saw her coaching one of the actors on the series “Encore!” She was brilliant and proved herself an incredibly smart actor.

White Guy Calls "Avenue Q" Racist  Jun 8 2020, 07:40:23 PM
Here is Ms. Harada’s Facebook post:

It appears that Mr. Giordano has deleted his Facebook profile and hence the post to which Harada is responding (I do not know him but have seen his comments on friends’ posts).

Is it time for broadway actors to find a new skill/career path?  May 31 2020, 11:26:52 AM

VintageSnarker said: "bwaylvsong said: "Most actors already DO have other skills and survival jobs and/or “parallel careers”. It’s only a very tiny minority that make their income solely from performing."

I think an issue is that a lot of those survival jobs aren't available either. There was no restaurant, bartender, catering, etc. work. There were no child care jobs (or there shouldn't have been with the quarantine) and no off

Is it time for broadway actors to find a new skill/career path?  May 24 2020, 07:23:29 PM
Most actors already DO have other skills and survival jobs and/or “parallel careers”. It’s only a very tiny minority that make their income solely from performing.

Light in The Piazza Key Change?  May 24 2020, 07:20:11 PM
I recall reading that the published key was lowered a whole step from the original so that it would be easier for the general public to sing/play.

Actors being fired / replaced  May 17 2020, 07:29:06 PM
One point that I feel I need to add to this thread:

Actors getting fired/replaced happens more frequently than we hear about. We only really hear about it at the Broadway level, but it happens at ALL levels of professional theatre. And in many cases the reasons are clear to all involved. I personally have been replaced twice:
-The first time, I had initially been given one role, but a couple days before rehearsals was switched to a different role since the creative team was havin

Audition Song Advice  May 3 2020, 06:03:06 PM
-Yes, the middle is fine as long as it makes sense.
-Note the length that is asked for- going by approximate timing, “32 bars” is a minute, “16 bars” is 30 seconds, and “brief song” is 2 minutes.
-Make sure the song you choose is one you love, is age-appropriate, and comfortable vocally.

Beauty & the Beast Disney Memories  Apr 19 2020, 03:40:40 PM
“Beauty & the Beast” at the Palace was my first Broadway show (I was 6, I think), and it had me hooked for life! I found my playbill some years later and saw that I had seen Kerry Butler as Belle, Marc Kudisch as Gaston, and then-standby Steve Blanchard as the Beast (who I saw again in the role a decade later). I still remember several scenic elements and special effects that had been toned down for the Lunt, such as the champagne sparklers from the end of “Be Our Guest” and the depth/detail o

Disney on Broadway Concert Canceled  Apr 11 2020, 06:57:46 PM

Luminaire2 said:  “But I would, as someone in the industry, say I am pro-worker always. I believe the unions provide incredibly important protection and value to the members, but I also bring they cross into dictator territory at times.

I want performers and members to have more control over their careers, and not be hindered by the unions (which is certainly an issue in communities with far less professional gigs).

This has been my exact exper

Sheridan vs AMDA (MT)  Apr 10 2020, 07:20:19 PM
Plenty of well known performers went to AMDA, but the consensus I’ve gotten from friends who have gone there is that (like most programs) you get out of it what you put into it. It does NOT have a stellar reputation in the industry (nor does Sheridan), and as others have said, it doesn’t matter where you went to school... however, I’ll say that the exceptions to this rule (from my observations in the NYC audition world) are UMich, CCM, and Carnegie Mellon.

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 9 2020, 03:50:46 PM
A panto version of “Cinderella” that had the refrain “Cinderella, Cinderella, poor little refugee.”
Not a musical, but Cirque Du Soleil’s “KA” was painful to sit through.

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