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"We're Here" on HBO...

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Steve C.
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"We're Here" on HBO... #1
Posted: 5/2/20 at 1:52pm

If anyone is looking for an open, nurturing and "positive karma" kind of show you should check out We're Here on HBO. Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela Wadley and Eureka O'Hara travel to small towns with an entourage of positivity and inclusiveness and each one helps three people in the town that are in various stages of awareness, gender identity, and personal LGBTQ growth. They also meet the "townspeople" that are in their own orbits of acceptance and denial with the daughters, sons, parents/grandparents and friends.

The three stories are heartbreaking at times, (at least in the first two episodes) but they ultimately come through and perform thanks to the trio of drag queens. 

With all the bad news these days, you should check this out.

I Can Has Cheezburger With This?
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Broadway Legend
"We're Here" on HBO... #2
Posted: 5/2/20 at 4:52pm

Don't let Someoneinthetree2 see this...