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Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Revival?  May 8 2020, 01:47:10 PM

The new show on CW Katy Keane did a pretty good job of interpreting Kiss just a few weeks back. All the characters in the story got to perform songs from the show, as the main story line is that one character is actually performing in his off Broadway debut. They even put the cast album out on iTunes/mp3's.You should give it a listen or see if you can DVR the episode.

What Character in a Musical Most Resembles Trump?  Apr 24 2020, 01:33:12 PM

Even though it was written over 50 - 60 years ago, any of the politicians in "L'il Abner" !! All you have to do is listen to "The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands"...

a revival of this could not be more timely. Great songs, would need work for today. Also. the choreography was incredible. (Michael Kidd I think) ...this is an "uncut gem" from the 50's..

1996 interview - Betty Buckley talks how she got 'Sunset Boulevard'  Apr 24 2020, 08:46:14 AM

Well, gang, all I know is Betty is THE best Norma. I saw BB 4 times and she is always, "Norma"... I saw Close the 1st and 2nd times and while she is characteristically fun she's different; BB is definitely the truly best singer. Even in Hello Dolly, Buckley becomes "Dolly" in her own stunning ways. I really wish they had recorded the entire show and not just the EP with Betty too....There is a better than average b/l on youTube of both acts and I watch that over and ov

Terrence McNally has died from coronavirus  Mar 24 2020, 04:18:07 PM

This is really the saddest news I could have heard today. Terrence McNally's words and wit and humanity will sorely be missed. The lights are definitely dimmed tonight...

btw, did anyone see that untimely episode of "Katy Keane" last week that was "Kiss Of The Spider Woman" themed with song and dance numbers from the cast? Pretty good for them for tackling such material.. 

Quiz- Can you name all 71 Best Musical Winners?  May 27 2019, 12:13:06 PM
There are two posters with all the winners ,( if you feel the need to cheat) one for musicals one for plays ...triton probably has it...mine are in the closet . Have fun !

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway Blu-ray  Jan 20 2019, 10:04:44 AM

Amazon have some listed at $26.81. Some are $86. Go Figure. Mine looks fine

Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..  Dec 31 2018, 05:00:20 PM

My husband and I got a chance to see Abby's last show in "Beautiful" yesterday and she is just as mesmerizing as when she started. After a little break, let's hope she gets another big break on Broadway.

And Evan Todd, continues to surprise me. He's been playing Gerry Goffin since 3/17 and his performance only gets better! He's a real triple treat, (Spring Awakening) and if you haven't seen "4th Man Out" you should check out that film. S

Kennedy Center Honors '18  Dec 27 2018, 08:43:22 AM

I agree with ACL, the tributes did have their better  and "best" moments. Glass had a great moment to tell his story. Adam Lambert and Cyndi truly killed with wonderful and funny performances. Kristin, as much as I love her, still makes totally odd choices. (Hamilton anyone ?) My friend John, that worked it, said CBS edited 3 + hours of filming down to less than 2 hours, almost every act got edited down...(that's sad)...Does anyone know if they archive t

Kennedy Center Honors '18  Dec 26 2018, 09:44:36 PM

I won't lie; it's great to see Nancy Pelosi sitting next to Cher...


As for the show this year, every honoree has told a compelling story, very worthy and deserving them all.

The tributes are as always, hits and misses.

Unbelievable Fosse/Verdon cast in Miranda's FX series  Dec 25 2018, 12:32:04 PM

Wow, it must be great to know everything. FYI, I did search back 150 posts; just saw it In Playbill, soooo sorry.

Happy Holidays

Unbelievable Fosse/Verdon cast in Miranda's FX series  Dec 25 2018, 12:12:04 PM

Can you believe this??

- previously mentioned Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams, - Ethan Slater - Joel Grey, Margaret Qualley - Ann Reinking, - Norbert Leo Butz - Paddy Chayefsky, - Laura Osnes - Shirley MacLaine,

- Bianca Marroquin - Chita Rivera, - Kelli Barrett - Liza Minnelli, - Susan Misner - Joan McCracken, - Evan Handler - Harold Prince, - Paul Reiser - Cy Feuer...

This looks and sounds great! Let's hope it is...Ethan, Laura, Bianca, everyone deser

The Cher Show Audience Opinions.  Dec 24 2018, 07:10:21 PM

Hey there DRS, the simplest thing to ask is "Do I like Cher enough to go see this show?" I've gone twice and while it's not "Beautiful" or "Ain't Misbehavin'" it certainly can reside on Broadway. I myself thought "Jersey Boys" "Motown" the tour of "Ain't To Proud" were interminable messes, but had their moments. I love Motown music but come on! Donna Summer benefited from stellar vocals by LaCha

Kennedy Center Honors '18  Dec 24 2018, 03:58:41 PM

It's way to early for Cyndi or Kristin. What about Angela Lansbury, Diana Rigg or Maggie Smith. Lansbury has won Oliviers and BAFTAs..Rigg and Smith are theater and television royalty.

As for this years' show, our hair guy, John, was one of "more than the usual number" of wig/hair/make-up people this year. He said the show has some phenomenal moments. The "Schuyler Sisters" are absolutely tremendous; it is possible to blow the roof off the Opera House!!

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Dec 2 2018, 09:41:13 AM

I can say the Kennedy Center/CBS have hired more hair, wig, make-up people than usual for the KCH.

I'd expect a long shoot today but with the "Hamilton" gang and hair guy is thrilled anyway!!

( I feel sorry for Glass..)

It should be a great show. 

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 27 2018, 04:46:26 PM

Thanks all and thanks Luscious for that wildly funny YouTube of Laverne singing "The Lady Is A Tramp" She sachets down that runway like she has a giant turd in her spandex pantsuit! That would have been really cute  in the show.   

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 27 2018, 09:12:25 AM

Thanks for the info on the Laverne character. I guess I should have been a little more specific in my question relating to her...

Did SJB get to do a song while wearing that hilarious costume? Or was that something cut from the show and they just gave the "costume"  a "walk-on"?? It just seems like a lot of work for a 10 second cameo.. Did anything change from Chicago to Broadway?

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 26 2018, 06:09:51 PM

I don't remember if it was mentioned, but Georgia Holt was actually IN an episode of I Love Lucy playing a Jacques Marcel fashion model in a fashion show. I also think I heard that Cher said her mother played an extra in crowd scenes, etc on several Lucy episodes. She must have been very good with her impersonation skills, too.

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 26 2018, 05:53:33 PM

We just saw the show on Saturday so I guess we've missed the Cher-y godmother tricycle bit, but....

Does anyone know ? during the fashion show, tv show Cher comes out in some kind of leopard skin print as a  trashy lady (??) with hanging boobies and bobble earrings. It looked like a costume kind of like Carol Burnett would wear. Did she sing a song dressed like this? Was this bit cut too for time?? 

I still had a blast; we're going back New Year's week. I n

THE WAVERLY GALLERY Reviews  Nov 24 2018, 09:43:53 PM

We saw this today and I was really underwhelmed at the (lack of) direction. The actors are all in top form. I have never seen Elaine May in person so that is a delight. The problems, imo, lie in the very uneven direction  that somehow allowed the play to veer off into almost "vignettes" and not a fully developed and staged play.

I really wanted to like it a lot more, and I do think "The Waverly Gallery" got a few critical "passes" due to

THE CHER SHOW Previews  Nov 24 2018, 10:02:28 AM

We saw the show last night and we were blown away. A very "tongue-"way"-in-your-cheek" adaptation.

The bio dedication from Ric Elise brought me to tears. Everything else is really coming together, Stephanie J Block is a powerhouse! Teal and Micaela are right behind her! The three of those ladies just kill!

The fashion show, the sets, the set recreations of past times in their lives...very very good. And I know I would TURN BACK TIME to be with Jared S

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