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72 Miles to Go - Roundabout

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Matt Rogers
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72 Miles to Go - Roundabout

Posted: 3/5/20 at 10:34pm

Has anyone seen 72 Miles to Go at Roundabout? Curious to hear thoughts. 

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72 Miles to Go - Roundabout

Posted: 3/6/20 at 12:32pm

I've had a few friends see it and they absolutely hated it.

A little swash, a bit of buckle - you'll love it more than bread.
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72 Miles to Go - Roundabout

Posted: 3/6/20 at 1:14pm

I really liked this show. To be fair it's very straightforward with no frills in terms of writing and structure, but I loved the look into how immigration law affects families on a personal and emotional level. 

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72 Miles to Go - Roundabout

Posted: 3/8/20 at 11:52pm
I didn't hate it. There's a good deal of it that's endearing. It's the story of one blended, loving, dysfunctional, often melodramatic family. Unfortunately it's written, very obviously, by a talented, well-meaning but uninformed playwright.