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Beetlejuice stage door

Beetlejuice stage door#1
Posted: 1/4/20 at 8:06pm
Im going to see Beetlejuice for my birthday in April for the second time with some friends and Im really excited.
We all really want to meet some of the cast members at stage door(Ive never done stage dooring before)so I posted a thing similar to this on reddit. The people there told me to never leave during bows, and I wont, but when is a good time to leave that ensures we actually get there on time?
Also, Im losing hope on meeting Alex Brightman. It seems like he rarely comes out based on the way people talk about it.
Anything I should know(or anything that will get my hopes up a little?)
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Beetlejuice stage door#2
Posted: 1/5/20 at 12:02pm

There is really no perfect solution. That said, there is also no "on time." The people who do sign will sign for every person they can, so whether you are the first person they see when they open the stage door, or the last hanger-ons at the end, they will typically sign.

This is usually only an issue when there is a big star or somesuch in a show, and they may only sign a few things on their way to their car. For Beetlejuice, that isn't an issue. Some people may have other obligations and have to skip the line, some may be under the weather and skip it to give themselves maximum recovery time until their next performance. But nothing you can do will impact any of this. So, see the show, when the cast are leaving the stage, head out, and you're good.

The people you don't end up meeting, or don't get to sign your Playbill... will be the same ones you aren't going to get no matter when you get to the stage door.

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Beetlejuice stage door#3
Posted: 1/5/20 at 1:01pm
Definitely don’t leave during bows. The Beetlejuice stage door is all the way around on the other side of the theatre from the main entrance. I recommend seeking it out before the show just so you know what direction you need to go when the show is over. It can be confusing in a massive crowd if you don’t know where you’re going. That being said, if you are sitting in the orchestra, leave on the doors to your LEFT, not the main entrance doors. Those doors on the left (when you’re facing the stage) let you out right beside the stage door. You come out of the doors and it’s on your right.

And don’t have any expectations as to who may come out. When I went, only like three cast members came out (neither Sophia or Alex came out). They have no obligation to, and they’re usually tired after shows. I also know Alex dealt with threats at the stage door in the past and that has meant he comes out less now (I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to come out at all if I’d been threatened).

Greet the actors who do come out with a thank you and let them know you enjoyed their performance. There are no guarantees with stage doors, but I feel it’s important to acknowledge those who do come out are coming out of their own accord and using their own time.

Most of all, enjoy the show and don’t let worry over the stage door get in the way. The show is sooo much fun. No matter what, you’ll have a great time!
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Beetlejuice stage door#4
Posted: 1/5/20 at 2:36pm

Some people may have other obligations and have to skip the line, some may be under the weather and skip it to give themselves maximum recovery time until their next performance. 

They don't need a reason. They could feel perfectly fine and have no obligations, but still choose to not come out. 


Be respectful, have a sharpie ready, don't take up too much of their time with multiple questions, if they don't want their picture taken don't ask again, and remember that you are paying for the show. That's it. Your admission doesn't include autographs or meeting the actors after the show. Alex rarely comes out because of disrespectful fans and not feeling safe, which is understandable. Enjoy the show. 

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Beetlejuice stage door#5
Posted: 1/5/20 at 2:43pm

I was barricade saturday, and I left in no hurry.

Part of that was that I was SR, but just leave towards the left of the stage and you'll be good.

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Beetlejuice stage door#6
Posted: 1/15/20 at 10:27am

Yeah it always depends. I sat mezzanine and left after the show, got to the very back of the line with no barricades and still got signatures. You never know who will come out. My friend has seen it five times and only saw Sophia once. When I saw it we got Dana, Kerry, and Presley

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