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Anyone Having This Problem  Apr 3 2020, 12:34:08 AM

Switching to my Chrome browser seemed to help, since Safari just gets redirected constantly. Happening on the main Board page, if that helps any...

National Tours / Venues postponing or canceling stops due to CoronaVirus  Apr 3 2020, 12:32:50 AM

I have a Color Purple for late May that I can't imagine will happen, but nothing official yet?! I mean, the tour was seemingly ending two weeks later, and are already canceling/postponing the current dates. Doesn't seem likely...

This is likely the death of the stage door  Mar 23 2020, 12:04:35 PM

poisonivy2 said: "This is only a BWW tradition. On reddit or FB stagedoor experiences and pictures are met with enthusiasm. It's like the BWW "tradition" of tearing into pieces anyone who says "soundtrack" instead of OBCR. Whatever."

Most people on Reddit/FB are younger, no? That would make sense.

100 Days to IN THE HEIGHTS!  Mar 23 2020, 12:03:11 PM

InTheBathroom1 said: "They will not release this straight to streaming. They will put it in theatres and push back the date if they need to"

Especially true given that a lot of movies that were about to start (or already were) shooting are shut down, so there is going to be a content gap on the horizon anyway, so the movies we have finished now will be needed to stretch across whatever that gap is...

What should I watch in isolation?  Mar 20 2020, 08:45:23 PM

AlanB3 said: "Pretty sure Mulaney and Kroll in Oh Hello on Broadway is still on Netflix."

It is a Netflix production, so it will always be there.

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  Mar 20 2020, 08:44:14 PM

ljay889 said: "I also thought it was a little strange to say Sharon "deservesher first Tony." It's not like she's long overdue like Burstein."

Isn't the goal to win it when you are really on fire creatively and just owning the stage in some perfect match of performer, approach, show, and production? Moreso than you've been around forever and never got one, so we better give her one soon since who knows how many more shows she'll do?!

Hangmen to Close  Mar 20 2020, 08:41:07 PM

Did anyone catch the previews AND see it Off-Broadway? Similar staging, but just a new cast?! I guess it doesn't matter, since I'll never get to know, but... curious nonetheless.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 20 2020, 08:40:08 PM

qolbinau said: "I know this sounds pessimistic but I am now convinced we will not be able to contain the virus due to the delayed, inconsistent or lack of action from most western countries. I only hope we can hold on until there is a vaccine."

There was never a hope to contain the virus. All of the shutdowns are primarily meant to slow the rate of transmission as to not overwhelm the health care system, so they can treat as many people as possible; that is the only

Broadway to Close?  Mar 20 2020, 08:36:06 PM

Alex M said: "Ive seen multiple ads where shows are saying to buy tickets for April 12th and onward. Why are so many shows doing this with the uncertainty of shows coming back that soon?"

Probably because they need the advance sales on the books to help the investors make decisions about whether they CAN come back and push through this...

Tickets Refunds  Mar 18 2020, 05:29:22 PM

haterobics said: "Got confirmations from The Public (The Visitor), Vineyard (Dana H), The Flea (The Fre), and St. Ann's (The Jungle) about refunds, but none have shown up yet... each said it would take several business days, so no worries."

I got all of these except for St. Ann's at this point, although I don't think they know what the plan is at this point, whether The Jungle can move to a later date, or whatnot, so probably waiting until there is more o

This is likely the death of the stage door  Mar 18 2020, 05:27:27 PM

Speed said: "Even when they deem it safe to re-open Broadway, I can't imaginethe actors will be interested in up close and in person encounters again. All for the best. It got out of control anyway."

A lot of other things you might imagine will also be untrue.

Stoned Seth Rogan Watches CATS  Mar 18 2020, 05:26:18 PM

carnzee said: "There's nothing cool or edgy about smugly dumping on the CATS movie anymore. It feels like beating a dead horse at this point."

It seemed like he just put it on and had no concept of what he was about to start watching... so he wasn't joining the mob, just reacting high and in real time to something gloriously insane.

Opportunity for Broadway Archives  Mar 17 2020, 09:30:22 AM

Most big movies are just delaying their release dates, not offering VOD. Universal just happened to release a bunch of titles right before the virus really kicked in, so they're already taking a bath at the box office. Plus, no reason to release stuff quickly, as a lot of current productions are shutting down, so there will be a void.

I don't think any performers would pay their rent based on an old production of theirs being available publicly, even if there were a plan and a

Tickets Refunds  Mar 17 2020, 01:22:55 AM

Got confirmations from The Public (The Visitor), Vineyard (Dana H), The Flea (The Fre), and St. Ann's (The Jungle) about refunds, but none have shown up yet... each said it would take several business days, so no worries.

The Perplexed, Sat. 3/14, 2pm - One Ticket  Mar 13 2020, 02:38:25 AM

Susanswerphone said: "It's odd that Harry Townsend is exempt by lowering capacity to 50%. The show was unbelievably dull."

Those seemingly have nothing to do with one another. A show can both limit capacity to stay open AND be dull at the same time?

What if Broadway shows went on with audiences limited to 250?  Mar 12 2020, 07:20:30 PM

TangerineDream said: "What if there was premium/exclusive ticket pricing for limited/exclusive seating during the outage?"

A lot of shows were going to $50/seat just to keep people going. Not sure charging less people more money would attract anybody.

Scott Rudin lowers tickets to $50 for all his shows in March  Mar 12 2020, 04:58:54 PM

So lots of $50 refunds going out...

What will happen to Tony Awards?  Mar 12 2020, 04:58:10 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "If broadway is closed for 4 weeks, can’t the Tonys adjust their deadline for the season?"

That assumes all is well in four weeks and that every planned production is able to withstand the delay.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 11 2020, 11:02:21 PM

poisonivy2 said: "It has. In Italy."

OK, so no Broadway actor has fallen ill and been hospitalized yet. I think people can extrapolate that what we've seen elsewhere can just as easily happen here, heh. I don't think using a Broadway actor as an example makes it more real, just makes me think I missed something in this ever-growing thread.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus  Mar 11 2020, 10:58:51 PM

BdwayLife said: "Fosse, whatever you've copied and pasted is indecipherable."

It's an image of their Instagram post?

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