addams family auditions??? need a song for vocal range??? help???


hi :)

my drama club at school is doing Addams family next spring and auditions are in a few weeks and im really excited !! For part of our audition, our director wants us to sing a song that shows off our full vocal range. It doesnt have to be a musical theatre song (although I'm pretty sure I should audition with one), and we have to sing around 16 bars. I am a comfortable mezzo soprano and my range is from an F below middle C to a A above high C. Any suggestions of songs that shows not only my full range, but emotion and character???

We might be gender bending some of the characters (because lack of many guys lol) - so I wanted to try out for Fester. I'm 17, and a senior in high school. Any other roles I should try out for??? Thanks!